SMPS Member Jen Eisenbarth, CPSM

About Jen Eisenbarth, CPSM

Title: Marketing Strategist
SMPS Chapter: Fort Worth
Number of years in the A/E/C industries: 19

Share some news with us:
I am currently transitioning from corporate proposal manager (responsible for all proposals/pursuits and a large proposal staff) to the role of marketing strategist. In the new role, I will assist our infrastructure groups in the identification and capture of key pursuits to advance FNI’s growth goals.

How has SMPS helped you in your career? SMPS has been a major key to my professional growth, allowing me to connect with individuals who have provided invaluable leadership, mentoring, personal encouragement, advice, and been wonderful people in general. It has allowed me to increase my knowledge of regional firms for teaming opportunities, gather intel for my firm’s key pursuits and strengthened my knowledge of A/E/C in general. Without SMPS, I would not be where I am today.

Share a helpful hint with your fellow SMPS members: Network, network, network! Take advantage of events. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. At heart I’m an introvert, but you would never know it if you met me at a professional event. I go out of my way to introduce myself, get to know others, and ask questions. My advice to members? Be genuinely interested in others and how you can help them. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing. Also, build relationships! Many of those around you will be your strongest advocates in ten or twenty years. Besides, you never know who you will work with in the future. You might be on the same team with these people before you know it.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to learn about you. I took advantage of my years working for general contractors and learned how to operate some heavy construction equipment, including a 60-ton mobile crane. It’s very challenging but satisfying and I have tremendous respect for those who work in the field.

Tell us about a recent work day: I met with several of our senior project managers and practice leaders to learn more about their key pursuits, capture plans, and client relationships to identify goals for 2018 and learn how I can best assist them in winning more work.

As a CPSM, how has certification benefitted you? In an industry where accreditation is taken seriously and most technical staff have letters behind their name, my peers like to know that I am as passionate about being an expert in my profession as they are in their respective fields. The designation proves that I put the time and effort into achieving this goal. I also have increased personal confidence because obtaining my CPSM was not easy and I am proud to have it.


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