A Client-Focused BD Initiative

Lessons Learned from a Client-Focused BD Initiative 

With the stress of billable targets, endless client meetings, project deadlines, and business development goals, it’s hard enough to find time together in the office, much less focus on a tailored business development strategy. How can marketing work with seller-doers to overcome these challenges and move in a targeted direction of success?

Our Goal: Increase Visibility with a Major Client to Win New Work

Our technical professionals were not taking full advantage of opportunities with our largest client due to limited available time. A heavy project workload, mixed with various business development goals and industry organization involvement, was taking its toll on our project managers, who were like ships passing in the night due to obligations outside the office.

Our marketing team realized that we needed to get a sense of what each project manager was accomplishing and identify how to unify the collective group’s knowledge to establish concrete leads. After taking some time to explore our group’s efforts and misses, we discovered that our seller-doers were at times duplicating efforts due to a lack of communication amidst their many responsibilities. We decided to hit the pause button and improve the efficiency of our time spent on business development efforts to meet our other competing demands, yet remain visible to our cherished client.

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This article, written by Diane Ditzel, CPSM,  first appeared in the October 2017 issue of Marketer.

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