SMPS Member Becca Korman, CPSM

About Becca Korman, CPSM

Title: Senior Coordinator, Business Development
SMPS Chapter: Washington, DC

Number of years in the A/E/C industries: 6

How has SMPS helped you in your career? I joined the industry by chance, and had no construction knowledge. Being involved in SMPS is helping me gain the knowledge and learn the industry to do my job well. I have also seen SMPS is a spider web of connections and I am slowly noticing how many relationships are connected. I have been a member for less than a year and am excited to see how I can benefit from meeting others in the industry.

Share a helpful hint with your fellow SMPS members: Be confident in everything you produce and don’t take negative feedback personal.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to learn about you. Once you meet me, it is not a surprise. I am a huge Virginia Tech fan and have traveled to all the home football games since graduating 6 years ago.

Tell us about a recent work day: My morning started with our national marketing meeting to discuss opportunities around the country. My pursuit workload is light at the moment, so I helped with an American Express proposal due this week in Arizona. I also started to prep for Holiday Card management and worked on internal communications for the region via our digital message boards in the office.

As a CPSM, how has certification benefitted you? Getting my certification has helped my opinion have a little more punch behind it. Not that my opinion was never heard, but I feel more confident in my own opinion and can stand behind it. One goal I have set since getting my certification is to eventually have a recognized distinction of marketing and business development in my firm.


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