A Triathlete’s Guide to Market Perseverance

A Triathlete’s Guide to Market Perseverance

Marketing in the A/E/C industries is an endurance sport. In fact, the way we approach our marketing and business development strategies is very similar to the way triathletes prepare for some of the most demanding events in the world. Over the past several years, my experience as an amateur triathlete has shown me that there is a lot to be leveraged from the endurance sports community when developing our marketing approach. Here’s how to keep ahead of the pack Goal Setting and Fitness Evaluation

While preparing for my 2016 triathlon season, I was reminded of the important role goal setting plays in a successful year, both on the course and within the office. Much like a go/no-go proposal process, the selection of races for a triathlete includes evaluating current fitness levels and a host of external factors, such as work schedules and existing commitments. These are balanced against a set training plan that allows athletes to peak at the appropriate times.

To ensure longevity in today’s business environment, A/E/C firms need to properly assess the current competitive status of their firm, the financial health of target clientele, and available resources for new pursuits. A strong strategic plan will keep focus on the ability to perform at peak levels.

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This article, written by Justin Jacobs, first appeared in the February 2017 issue of Marketer.

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