It’s September: Opportunity Beckons

The month launches a new beginning.

September. I always think of this month as a time of new beginnings. New clothes, new teachers, new books, new friends. I would relish the thrill of new opportunities after a summer of freedom and adventure.

As adults, our summers are often filled with the same responsibilities we field year-round; yet a flip of the calendar still makes my heart skip. This month launches another new beginning for me—and for 57 chapter presidents and SMPS Foundation President Melissa Lutz as we shift into position to lead our boards and volunteers through the coming year.

It was 20 years ago that I stepped into the role of president of (then) SMPS Dallas-Fort Worth. Filled with optimism, and yes, a bit apprehensive, I wondered, could I do it? Could my board and I together take the chapter forward to a place better than where we started? Looking back, I know we did, and each president who followed pushed the chapter further to become the success it is today. This same story plays out all through our network.

Each of us grows as we tackle the challenges and opportunities in front of us.

We juggle the many ideas that tumble from our brainstorming sessions, sifting through them to find the ones we can develop and implement for the greatest impact. With colleagues beside us who lend a hand, participate, and contribute, we identify best practices to become stronger marketers, more strategic business developers, and respected professionals.

Today, we look forward to what’s to come, guided by the SMPS vision of business transformed through marketing leadership, a statement I am so proud to see reflected in chapter communications and websites. Our new leaders and their boards are already transforming perceptions with chapter roles like Member Engagement, Strategic Investment, Professional Development, Outreach, Logistics … new titles and innovative approaches!

We are a Society of almost 7,000, each with different perspectives, varied experiences, and unique goals. But, we all joined SMPS to learn and grow. As we start each new day and face each new challenge, let’s remember that we are stronger together. Discover what your coworkers offer. Uncover the hidden talents of your teammates. Open yourself to fresh ideas.

Recently, a treasured colleague gave me an ornament—a glittery blue pair of binoculars—offering a constant reminder that we should always look farther than we can see. It’s September … opportunity beckons!

SMPS President Nancy Usrey, FSMPS, CPSM, is associate vice president of HNTB in Plano, TX. She can be reached at

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