Markendium and the CPSM Exam

Markendium and the CPSM Exam

Just the other day, I got an email from a member asking a simple question: “I heard something about a September 1 deadline for changes to the CPSM exam. Is that true?”

As certification manager, I’ve received this question a few times over the past year. Now that September 1 is right around the corner, it’s time to address this subject for those pursuing the CPSM designation.

So, what’s changing? MARKENDIUM: The Essentials will replace the Marketing Handbook, which has been the de facto study source for many years. The advent of MARKENDIUM has proven to be a great source for CPSM exam preparation. In fact, I’ve received a lot of feedback from CPSM candidates and study-group leaders. They’ve told me that MARKENDIUM is a more focused and concise tool for preparation than previous materials.MARKENDIUM is based on the SMPS Domains of Practice, and CPSM candidates are tested on their proficiency of these domains.So, are we saying that MARKENDIUM is the only resource to prepare for the CPSM exam? No, actually we’re not. In addition, candidates must utilize their education, work experience, tools of the trade, and knowledge from various industry and professional resources to master the material.

Regardless of the change in CPSM study resources, candidates must be well-versed and well-rounded in their knowledge of professional services marketing. It’s not only reading MARKENDIUM. It’s attending programs. It’s working with mentors. All these help candidates to have a greater proficiency in the domains of practice—and the best chance of passing the CPSM exam.

For more information about the CPSM program, feel free reach out to me or visit our website to get started.

Article written by Kevin Doyle, SMPS certification and IT manager. 

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