About Nick Benore

About Nick Benore

IMS has an amazing location just three blocks from Pacific Beach—and a new president at the helm. Nick Benore, who was recently promoted, has been with the company since moving to San Diego in 2005. During this time, he has held various research and leadership roles, and brings an innovative approach to the business. Nick takes time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new position and why he joined SMPS.

Congrats on your recent promotion. Before becoming president, you were director of operations. Can you tell us a little about your roles at the company? As the director of operations, my primary focus was ensuring the delivery of timely and accurate project announcements to our clients by elevating and managing a team of trainers, research supervisors, editors, and publishers. I was also responsible for many of the HR-functions of our growing firm.

I look forward to many things in the new role, including: 1) more time dedicated to strategic planning in order to solidify our growth and identify further opportunities to facilitate our clients’ success; 2) deeper and/or more frequent engagement with the A/E/C community; and 3) maintaining an organizational focus on the core values that ensure our product quality and the well-being of our employees.

What have been the rewards of your career? The opportunity to help others grow and succeed and the personal growth that has resulted from helping others succeed.

What have been the challenges? Learning the A/E/C industries well enough (and keeping up with the changes) in order to provide accurate and valuable information to an audience of A/E/C experts. The other big challenge is tracking and anticipating the activity of thousands of public agencies and how they each operate a bit differently. Keeping track of so many moving targets is a daily challenge.

What has contributed to your success? The hard work of others, an even-keel, patience, and diligence.

What is the best advice you’ve been given regarding your career? Find good people, hire them, and listen to them.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting at IMS or entering the A/E/C industries, what would it be? Take the time to learn something new every day. Spend enough time doing this and others will look to you for answers.

What do you think leads to success in the A/E/C industries? Success in our industries is driven by the professional relationships we develop and foster. Consider the business intelligence and insights you bring to conversations and relationships.

How did you become interested in working for a specialized research company such as IMS? I like to know how things work, and I valued the opportunity to learn about new industries and the details of publicly-funded infrastructure projects.

What made you decide to join SMPS? To help evolve my focus from the daily research operations of IMS to the bigger-picture strategic thinking of how to best serve our clients and respond to changes in the industries.

What do you look forward to with your membership? Putting faces to names of the many clients I have spoken or corresponded with over the years. I also look forward to the opportunity to learn even more about the A/E/C industries from the SMPS community and its resources.


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