Expand Your Network in 2017

Your SMPS membership gives you access to countless professional contacts who can provide you with valuable leads and referrals. Help SMPS to expand your network by encouraging coworkers and colleagues to join. If someone you refer joins the Society, you could receive a complimentary three-month membership extension. If you refer two members in the same fiscal year, you could also earn an Amazon gift card. Thank you to the following individuals who recently referred new members.

Brandi Barr, Business Development Manager, T.Y. Lin International, Tempe, AZ
Jessica Chickering, LEED AP, Marketing/Business Development Manager, Group14 Engineering, Denver, CO
Kristi Clemens, Business Development Manager, RH2 Engineering, Inc., Bothell, WA
Cindy Culbertson, CPSM, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, ERMCO, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Liz Gamelier, Marketing/Business Development Manager, Trans Associates, Pittsburgh, PA
Natalie Pagano, CPSM, Director of Marketing & Communications, Manhattan Construction Group, Tulsa, OK
Kristi Pempin, CPSM, President, Redbud Marketing, LLC, Norman, OK
Cricket Robertson, CPSM, Marketing Director, Corbins Electric, Phoenix, AZ
Pelin Yeter, Marketing and Business Development, Gensler, Toronto, ON

Members who referred two members to SMPS (special $25.00 gift card):

Sarah Beach, Senior Associate, Cannon Design, Chicago, IL
Jennifer Coble, Senior Associate, Cannon Design, Chicago, IL
Lesley Cocores, Marketing & Graphics Manager, Drake Haglan & Associates, Rancho Cordova, CA
Jennifer Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Bryan Construction, Colorado Springs, CO


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