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Shortlist Presentations and How to Improve Your Win Rate.

Shortlist presentations could be called “stress list presentations” for the amount of angst they cause A/E/C and environmental consulting firms. The timeframes are short and the preparation is long. What’s worse is that many A/E/C firms that do the hard work required (opportunity research and selection; prepositioning; and thoughtful, client-centered proposal writing) to routinely get shortlisted still struggle to win the big show. The idea of performing market research can often feel like a burden for small marketing groups. The everyday tasks already on your to-do list can easily fill up a 40-hour work week. Where do you find the time to research, compile, and analyze piles of data on top of everything else?Market research doesn’t have to be complex or require robust, expensive studies to be effective. By breaking it into small, manageable pieces, you can gather information that will directly benefit your A/E/C firm without overtasking your teams.How can you improve your win rate? In this article, we’re going to the source: your clients. In the numerous loss debrief interviews I’ve conducted on behalf of my clients over the years, I’ve heard many recurring themes. If you’re in the fortunate position of having plenty of sole source work or master service agreements, this intel can also help you make a stronger case for your ideas, internally and with clients.

What Your Clients Want You To Know About Your Next Shortlist Presentation Marketer February 2017 the entire article.


This article, written by Rich Friedman of Friedman & Partners, first appeared in the February 2017 issue of Marketer.

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