And We’re Off!

The SMPS Derby encourages member involvement.

The lifeblood of an organization such as SMPS is our members. Our members know the value of SMPS, as we have grown to just shy of 7,000 members. As we continue to develop more member value, new programs, and education, we need to focus on growing our chapters and our association.

I know that everything I ever learned about marketing, I learned from SMPS. And I hear that same story from others when I visit our chapters across the country.

As engaged members, we are influencers and should convey how much we love and value our organization to encourage member involvement and to get others to experience the benefits of SMPS.If your chapter has entered the SMPS Derby, thank you. The 2017 SMPS Derby surpassed last year’s chapter participation, with 41 chapters partaking, all with the goal of developing a membership recruitment and retention strategy, achieving their growth goal, and winning the big prize. The Derby winners will be the chapters with the highest growth percentage in their category at the end of the contest period and the ones who achieved the growth goal set by SMPS headquarters.

The SMPS Derby race categories include:

  • Small Chapters (1-50 members)—10 percent membership growth goal
  • Medium Chapters (51-100 members)—8 percent membership growth goal
  • Large Chapters (101-200 members)—7 percent membership growth goal
  • Extra Large Chapters (201+ members)—5 percent membership growth goal

Clearly, I have selfish goals for growing membership!

Growing membership:

  • Advances the profession
  • Offers collective knowledge and wisdom
  • Creates additional volunteer and leadership opportunities
  • Allows us to develop new and better programming

And, let’s not forget, there is strength in numbers. As we embark on delivering the promises of our new vision, “Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership,” additional resources are critical.Together we are better than we are apart and new members continue to infuse new ideas, new energy, and new commitment.We had a great January, where the Society gained 171 new members—the highest number of new members in a given month since 2008. I have great confidence that the SMPS Derby will realize great results.

Any questions? Contact me, Mary Cruz, or any member of her excellent Member Services team: Natalie Gozzard, Franco Holmes, and Julio Santos. We are here to help.

Now, off to the races!


SMPS President Craig Galati, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM, is principal of LGA, in Las Vegas, NV. He can be reached at 702.263.7111 or

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