New Member Challenge

Have you heard about our New Member Challenge? Within the first six months of membership, SMPS challenges you to make the most of your membership by completing six fun tasks. It comes with a scorecard for tracking progress and tips for success.

This challenge introduces you to SMPS and to the many benefits of membership. Within the first six months of your membership, we challenge you to make the most of the SMPS experience by:
•    taking advantage of great educational programming
•    growing your personal network
•    becoming an active member of your local chapter

Congrats to these SMPS members who have completed their New Member Challenge:

Melissa Freeman from SMPS Alabama
Evgeniya Chadovich from SMPS San Diego
Leah Berman from SMPS Colorado
Diana Salazar from SMPS New York
Gabrielle Banks from SMPS Washington, DC
Julia Goodgion from SMPS Southeast Louisiana
Stephanie Young from SMPS Nashville
Nicole Veenstra from SMPS New York
Scott Kirchhofer from SMPS Arizona
Jason Weier from SMPS Greater Cincinnati
Alexandra Peters from SMPS Columbus
Casey Herrmann from SMPS Central Pennsylvania
Alexandra Rivera from SMPS Central Florida
Sara Snavely from SMPS Charlotte
Hayley Novak from SMPS Wisconsin

If you have any questions about our program or how you can make the most of your membership, please reach out to the Membership Department.


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