AIvolution: Embracing the Changing Tide in A/E/C Marketing and Business Development | July 11, 2023 2-4pm ET

With the many conversations surrounding AI in A/E/C, as Fellows are you ready to explore the possibilities and guide your teams and firms to utilize this technology while mitigating potential risks? Join us for the SMPS Fellows Forum, a virtual gathering of top professionals in our industry, as we discuss the ways in which AI can revolutionize our work and unlock new opportunities.

Through a keynote, panel discussion and breakout sessions we will delve into the variety of recent AI developments, how AI is impacting our business, and how AI can be utilized to drive innovation, streamline processes, spend more time on higher-order execution, and transform the way we do business. We will also examine how AI can help us better understand our clients’ needs and deliver more effective solutions.

At the heart of this discussion is the need for marketing and BD professionals to embrace the power of AI and let go of the fear of being replaced. By doing so, we can lead the way in driving AI implementation, becoming the thought leaders in this space, allowing more time for critical thinking and improved long-term planning, and developing future generations of professionals who are skilled in harnessing the potential of AI to support our work.

With breakout rooms and networking opportunities, you will have the chance to share your own insights and collaborate with peers in exploring the limitless possibilities of AI.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reimagine the future of our profession and embrace the SMPS vision of “Business Transformed through Marketing Leadership” with AI as a valuable tool to leverage future possibilities. Register now for the SMPS Fellows Forum and join us as we embrace the potential that AI presents for our industry.

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