Fellows Recognition Program

SMPS Fellows Program recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the profession of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industries and to the Society, and to encourage continued achievement and SMPS engagement by senior members.

Only those recognized by this process will be entitled to use the FSMPS designation. The Fellows Recognition Program allows this honor to be bestowed by a panel of peers (the Fellows Jury) who evaluate each application individually.

Fellows often serve as a resource to our chapters and the Society and provide insight, ideas, programs, and mentoring support. In addition, these individuals teach, write, and speak on marketing issues outside of SMPS, working to advance the profession of marketing professional services throughout the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

2019 Class of Fellows Honored
10 SMPS members were named Fellows of the Society in 2019. These professionals will serve as a resource at the chapter, regional, and Society levels to provide insights, ideas, programs, and mentoring. They were honored at Build Business 2019, the SMPS annual conference, during the R.I.S.E. Awards Luncheon on Thursday, August 1, in Washington, D.C. View the full press release. 

Program Goals:

Honor Outstanding Individuals. Individuals who are recognized as Fellows comprise a specially selected group of achievers who not only have access to programs tailored to their needs but also have the responsibility to accept leadership roles in the Society and mentoring roles in the profession.

Use the Talents of Fellows. Fellows are expected to serve as leaders and mentors through activities such as:

  • writing articles for industry periodicals, including Marketer, or by contributing to research and/or other body of knowledge-related resources
  • serving as mentors to individuals
  • serving in leadership positions at the Society, regional, and chapter levels of SMPS
  • promoting SMPS to all contacts within the industry

Meet the Needs of Fellows. Education, networking, and social events will be offered exclusively to Fellows, who will define the leadership and management issues to be addressed in their professional development.

2020 Fellows Application

The 2020 Fellows application and criteria will be available on January 29, 2020. The deadline to submit the Fellows application is April 1, 2020. 

Starting on January 29, you will be able to access the online application.



Fellows Application

More Information

Contact Molly Dall’Erta, SMPS Headquarters, at 703.684.2270 or molly@smps.org.

The Honorary Fellows Program

SMPS is proud to recognize and bestow the designation of Honorary Fellow, represented as Hon. FSMPS, to exceptional individuals who have played an influential role in promoting, advancing, or ensuring the importance of marketing and business development within their organizations and the A/E/C community.

An award of recognition for extraordinary service, the Honorary Fellow appointment has no remuneration or privileges attached to it. The program hopes that its goals of furthering and deepening the understanding of marketing and business development will benefit from a prolonged connection to its Honorary Fellows.


An individual of esteemed character and distinguished achievements who supports the practice of marketing and business development within the A/E/C community may be eligible. This individual may never have been a member of SMPS or, if once was a member, has not been a member of SMPS within the past 10 years.

Who Can Nominate

Who Can Nominate a Candidate

Any SMPS Fellow, in good standing, may act as a Sponsor and nominate a qualified individual for Honorary Fellowship. Nominations may also be accepted by any member of the SMPS board of directors or the CEO. Chapters may recommend a candidate for consideration; however, the nomination must come from a Fellow, SMPS board member, or the CEO in order to receive further consideration.

Sponsor Responsibilities

The Sponsor is responsible for preparing the nomination. All information, including materials furnished by the candidate, shall be submitted in a PDF application (found online at www.smps.org/fellows), using the bullet points below as a guideline for the submission.

The Sponsor:

  • Bases the nomination on the candidate’s accomplishments in promoting, advancing, and/or ensuring the importance of marketing and business development through leadership, teaching, and/or mentorship within the A/E/C industry.
  • Confirms the candidate is not a current member of SMPS and has not been a member within the previous 10 years. SMPS staff at headquarters can provide assistance in this research and documentation upon request.
  • Provides guidance to and assists with developing a succinct theme or focus throughout the submittal to satisfy the eligibility requirements.
  • Prepares the nomination submittal.
  • Writes a one-page nomination letter on behalf of the candidate.
  • Solicits three reference letters citing how the nominee achieved one or more areas of accomplishment.
  • Notifies candidate of outcome after review and feedback from Fellows Jury Chair
2020 Nomination Application to come


The deadline for the submission is April 29, 2019.


Submission Requirements

The deadline for the submission is April 1, 2020.


2020 Submission Requirements to come

Need More Information?

Contact Molly Dall’Erta, SMPS Headquarters, at 703.549.6117, x231 or molly@smps.org.

Recent SMPS Honorary Fellows

2016: Judy Schriener, Hon. FSMPS

For the past 30 years, Judy Schriener, award-winning journalist, author, and radio-show host, has leveraged her extensive experience to advance the marketing profession in the A/E/C industry. Schriener currently consults for an Arizona engineering firm and her radio show, “Off the Record with Judy” has been on the air for three-and-a-half years. Within the SMPS community, she has been a contributor and supporter for decades.

2015: Janice Tuchman, Hon. FSMPS

As editor-in-chief, Tuchman leads the editorial team creating content for the Engineering News-Record enterprise—online, in print and at live events. She is active in many construction organizations and has developed a broad network of industry sources who help keep ENR on top of the latest trends and innovations. She has traveled the world to visit outstanding projects and speak to groups and universities.