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SMPS members: Join us for our complimentary virtual Master More Learning Labs.

This educational series features timely topics presented by industry practitioners that can help you build skills to work smarter, advance your career, and build your firm’s business. This series is for SMPS members only.

Offered every other month and providing 1 CEU, each program runs 60 minutes to fit into your busy schedule. As part of your SMPS membership, take advantage of this complimentary series to boost your skillset.

Labs are recorded and available on-demand in the Learning Labs folder in the Marketing Resource Center on MySMPS, our members-only online community.

November Learning Lab

Vision, Compassion, and Grit – The Keys to Leadership (Presented by Craig S. Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSM | President, LGA Architecture)

November 10, 2022 12:00pm ET

No matter where you are on your leadership path, you can always learn more. There are many questions and conflicting opinions about leadership and how to apply it to yourself, your department, and your firm. Craig Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSM, president of LGA Architecture, will inspire you to think of leadership from three distinct perspectives, all essential to taking you to new heights.

During our complimentary session for members only, you’ll learn more about these three distinctive perspectives (vision, compassion, and grit):

  • Learn to fly above the fray by understanding what true vision is
  • Love what you do and with whom you do it by creating a compassionate leadership style
  • Discover how to persevere to help develop the grit to keep going

Speaker Bio

With his passions for architecture and marketing, Craig Galati has built a purpose-centered practice focused on creating life-giving solutions for the community. As a champion for marketing’s powerful role in practice, he has immersed himself in SMPS, assuming a number of leadership roles. He is a past-president of SMPS Las Vegas and the Society board, where he helped develop the powerful vision statement, Business Transformed Through Marketing Leadership. Through community engagement and in his position at LGA Architecture, he consistently demonstrates the critical role marketing holds in a successful A/E/C firm while empowering professionals to become confident and strategic leaders. A Fellow recognized by both SMPS and the AIA, Craig is an accomplished speaker and author, widely sought after for topics ranging from leadership to innovative marketing practices. His latest book, The Reluctant Leader is available on Amazon.

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May Learning Lab

Elevating Proposals (Presented By Chaz Ross-Munro, Director of Marketing, ProjectMark; Courtney Kearney CPSM; and Julie Shaffer, CPSM)
May 5, 2022 12:00 PM ET

Are you ready for some inspiration and tactics for elevating your proposals? Chaz Ross-Munro, CPSM, the director of marketing for ProjectMark and a seasoned A/E/C marketer, will lead you through a powerful (and complimentary) 45-minute session that’s for SMPS members only.

During Master More, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get information from your project team faster and easier
  • Create cover letters and executive summaries that incorporate data in interesting ways for your clients
  • Incorporate engaging graphics in non-traditional ways
  • Think outside the page by leveraging digital assets to engage your clients
  • Use competitive intelligence to set your firm apart



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March Learning Lab


CRM for Professional Services, People, and Processes (Presented By, Courtney Kearney CPSM and Chaz Ross-Munro)
Mar 10, 2022 12:00 PM ET


Gain the support, empowerment, and inspiration you need to succeed.

Two of the Society’s thought leaders have joined forces and written a book!

And in March, they’ll join us to share their experience and expertise when it comes to the client relationship management (CRM) process.

This complimentary learning lab for SMPS members will empower leaders to take ownership of their company’s data and set the tone for a company-wide culture of data stewardship. This lab is perfect for everyone—whether you are at the beginning of your CRM journey, in the middle of evaluating solutions, or have a system you’re maintaining or improving.

Businesses with a poor CRM process fail and perish. Do not let that happen to your company. Be a leader that acts and champions your firm’s process and data. After attending our learning lab, you’ll be ready to:
• Roll out data roles for each employee with specific KPIs tied to their annual reviews for accountability
• Take the time to document your CRM process, and train employees at all levels to make data-driven decisions
• Discover how data is a valuable asset and renewable resource that must be protected

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January Learning Lab

Lunchtime Learning Lab: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership How to Make a Difference Regardless of Your Title, Role, or Authority (Presented By, Jeff Hurt)

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership How to Make a Difference Regardless of Your Title, Role, or Authority presented by, Jeff Hurt.

Who should attend this webinar?
Those of you that are not in formal or hierarchal leadership positions.

Session Description:
Titles don’t define leaders. You earn your leadership status through your actions and their effect on other people. The people you interact with every day determine whether you are a leader. Leaders work at every level of the organization from the executive suite to the customer service desk to the mailroom processing center. Anyone who is working or living in group of 3 or more is at some point in the middle. Whether you are a parent, a friend, a manager, supervisor or the boss, you have a role to play. You can influence up, down and across the organization as you lead through the ranks. If you have a boss and are a boss, you can learn to lead from that messy middle. And remember, the middle has value—just ask any middle child.

Ordinary people like you can employ a common set of values and professional practices that lead to extraordinary leadership. Discover how to lead from the middle, make a difference and move from purpose to impact.

After attending this session, you will be able to:
• Elaborate on why leading yourself well is the cornerstone to your career success, credibility and effective leadership.
• Compare and evaluate your results from three tests to see if you’re ready or have made the shift from manager to leadership.
• Explore the “others oriented” mindset and assess what you should change to align with the four points of the others oriented compass: what you give, what you give up, what’s a given, and what you get.

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Reminder: Labs are recorded and available on-demand in the Learning Labs folder in the Marketing Resource Center on MySMPS, our members-only online community.

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