SMPS Code of Ethics

The Society for Marketing Professional Services is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the professional and educational advancement of persons engaged in marketing professional services to the built and natural environment. As such, we the members of the Society, recognizing our obligation to maintain high standards of individual professional behavior in our pursuit of profitable work for our firms, as well as our responsibility to promote these same standards within our representative firms, set forth this Code of Ethics as a guide for the fulfillment of those obligations and responsibilities.

As a member of The Society for Marketing Professional Services, I pledge to:

  • Adhere to the Society’s bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
  • Exhibit honesty, integrity, and fairness in all dealings with the Society, with its members and with its members’ firms, clients, consultants, and suppliers.
  • Seek work that is legal and nurtures a positive environmental impact on mankind.
  • Demonstrate, uphold and defend, at all times, ethical marketing practices with anyone having cause to utilize services provided by me, or by other members of the Society and /or their respective firms.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the work in which I am involved.
  • Exercise care, discretion, and judgment in the daily practice of my profession.
  • Refrain from engaging in activities that exploit the Society, its members, or the profession at large.
  • Strive continually to elevate respect and recognition for marketing professionals and the Society at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Encourage interface and cooperation with peer organizations.
  • Support the Society and participate in the activities of my local chapter.
  • Maintain the highest level of professional and personal conduct in public, at events, and when using all forms of communication.

This Code of Ethics was adopted to promote and maintain professionalism and synergy within the membership of SMPS. Adherence to these standards is required for membership in the Society and serves to assure public confidence in the integrity of the Society.

Revised and approved: April 10, 2019, by the SMPS Board of Directors.


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