SMPS Zinsmeyer Scholarship

Supporting the future of A/E/C.

SMPS is partnering with UNCF to establish the SMPS Foundation Zinsmeyer Scholarship to provide financial assistance to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

SMPS realizes and understands the lack of diverse representation in the A/E/C industries; however, this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be more diversity in our industries. Research shows that Black workers are underrepresented in industries that typically have higher wages and job growth opportunities, such as professional services marketing and other professional service industries. We plan to help bridge this representation gap by not only supporting students on their academic journey, but also providing them with mentorship and leadership opportunities from some of our marketing and business development leaders as well as student memberships. We hope this will broaden their horizons, expose them to the A/E/C industries, and allow them to tap into the professional lives of leaders and groundbreakers within our organizations.

The SMPS Foundation Zinsmeyer Scholarship will focus on the selected fields of architecture, construction management, engineering, marketing, mass communications, and public relations. The candidates must be enrolled as an undergraduate student within the 2022—23 academic year. There is a total of $25,000 in the overall scholarship fund. UNCF will award the scholarship recipients based on need until all funds have been utilized. The total scholarship amount awarded to the designated HBCU institutions, per scholarship recipient, may vary but cannot exceed $1,500 for the one-time scholarship amount.

Please note, the scholarship application period for this program is open through October 13, 202

Scholarship Application Submission Portal and Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship application period for this program is now closed. Winners will be announced December 16th!

Please contact William Dunham ( if you have questions or comments.
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SMPS would like to honor, recognize, and thank Andy Zinsmeyer (SMPS co-founder and member #1) for his generous donation to the SMPS Foundation. Zinsmeyer’s donation was specifically gifted to create strategies to increase diversity and opportunities in SMPS and the marketing profession. His lead gift of $25,000 has made this scholarship possible. Zinsmeyer has been the foundation’s top supporter for many years.


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