Continuing Education

Enhance your performance, expand your knowledge, and build a strong community of peers through SMPS Education.

From in-person to on-demand programs, SMPS gives you every opportunity to learn while furthering your career in marketing professional services. SMPS also supports the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) designation with many ways to earn and learn with continuing eduction credits.

One continuing education unit (CEU) is awarded for each contact hour of instruction. A contact hour is defined as one hour of interaction between a learner and an instructor. For purposes of calculating CEUs, breaks, meals, and social/networking time cannot be included in the contact time.

A function with less than one hour of contact time is not eligible for CEUs. For functions with more than one hour of contact time, the minimum increment of contact time eligible for CEUs is 15 minutes, which cannot be rounded up to the next greatest interval. A presentation during a meal function can be counted for the length of the presentation only. Meeting time devoted to business and committee activities cannot be counted.



SMPS Webinars

Live, and then made available on-demand, 90-minute webinars are conducted monthly and cover hot topics, best practices, and special interests in A/E/C marketing and business development. SMPS professional development sponsored by Unanet.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs

SMPS Learning Labs

Join us online every other month for our complimentary Learning Labs. This educational series, for SMPS members only, features great topics to help you learn new skills, advance your career, and build your firm’s business. Labs are recorded and available in the Learning Labs folder in the Marketing Resource Center on MySMPS after the program.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

SMPS’ Corporate Training is a great way to take advantage of our cost-effective, convenient professional development and bring high-quality educational programs and valuable CEUs to your entire firm.
Additional Resources

MARKENDIUM Online Learning Center

Focused exclusively on marketing and business development for the A/E/C industries, MARKENDIUM: ONLINE LEARNING brings you the best of both worlds: e-learning and professional development.

Interested in becoming a featured SMPS presenter?

Submit a proposal to become a presenter for our virtual professional development monthly programs.

Standards for Learning

Learning is a process and not the result. The amount of energy placed on “what” should be learned must be equal to “how” it should be learned. We want to move from acquisition of information to engaging knowledge transfer.
Principles of Adult Learning—an understanding of the following is critical to the development of any educational program:

  1. Adults are autonomous and self-directed.
  2. Adults bring knowledge and experience to each activity.
  3. Adults need learning to be relevant and practical.
  4. Adults are goal-oriented.
  5. Adults are problem-oriented and want to apply what they’ve learn.
  6. Adults are motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
  7. Adults have different learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

Our Learning Commitment

  • SMPS will provide opportunities for participants to direct their own learning.
  • SMPS will incorporate learning activities to touch each learning style.
  • SMPS will balance how content is presented.
  • SMPS will provide clearly defined learning objectives.
  • SMPS will utilize a variety of assessment techniques.
  • SMPS will be impartial in selecting programs and speakers.
  • SMPS will provide content that can transform businesses and support professional development.


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