Full list of Certified Professional Services Marketers

SMPS, the recognized leader in education and information for marketing professional services, offers a credential that recognizes your expertise: Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).  The CPSM credential is a voluntary certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing and influence the future of this vital field. Further, the CPSM designation serves as a mark of distinction for professional services marketers and business developers, raising their standing with their employers, peers, and the public. Below, you’ll find the searchable full list of CPSMs.

Meet our newest class of CPSMs

Shannon Kinsey, CPSMHeidi H. Team, CPSMAmber Larson, CPSMElizabeth A. Freeman, CPSMTeena A. Videriksen, CPSM, Associate AIA
Max Frey, CPSMRebecca L. Maddox, CPSMIsaac Renteria, CPSMMartha J. Huguet, CPSMShannon M. Brush, CPSM, LEED AP
Robert Culbertson, CPSMKafferti Durham, CPSMEve M. Marsh, CPSMPatricia Neumann, CPSMBill R. Strong, FSMPS, CPSM
Pearl-Grace C. Pantaleone, CPSMSara C. Snavely, CPSMLaci L. Budd, CPSMAndrew J. Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSMTeresa Bollinger, CPSM
Katherine M. Wood, CPSMTracey A. Gould, M.S. IMC, CPSMBrian M. Hanson, CPSMBrooke N. Weinstein, CPSMKenda R. Salisbury, FSMPS, CPSM
Ingrid A. Martin Cogdill, CPSM, CF APMPJennifer E. Weaver, CPSMMichelle Whitesell, CPSMSharyn Yorio, FSMPS, CPSMTosha J. Yanich, CPSM
Christine A. White, CPSMJennifer Bode, CPSMJeri Lynn Rease, CPSMMichael T. McCann, FSMPS, CPSMMarcie Lohr, CPSM
Leah R. Boltz, FSMPS, CPSMElizabeth M. Ganoe, CPSMLaura T. Sanford, CPSMCourtney R. Johnson, CPSMCarla D. Thompson, FSMPS, CPSM
Cynthia Oistad, MBA, CPSMKelly Jo Jefferis, CPSMHayli Morrison, CPSMMindy J. Nickerson, CPSMJoanmarie Eggert, CPSM
Lori A. Kropidlowski, CPSM, CPS/CAPSara K. Downing, FSMPS, CPSMJennifer M. Lerner, CPSMVanessa Hahn, CPSMAndre M. Morand, CPSM
Andrea M. Story, FSMPS, CPSMKraig C. Kern, CPSMErin Decker, CPSMBrandon W. Gamboa, CPSMElaine A. Moal, CPSM
Sheri Cain, CPSMJanet E. Brooks, FSMPS, CPSMChristina Beaird, CPSM, LEED Green AssociateLisa M. Herman, CPSMJeffrey Penman, CPSM
Anita G. Echols, CPSMTracy L. Sagehorn, CPSMChristy Wolfe, CPSMLaurie Parris, MBA, CPSMTisha A. Renner-Cruz, CPSM
Laura E. Gibbs, CPSM, LEED Green AssociateMary C. Thompson, CPSMTiffany D. Cartwright, CPSMPaige Fundament, CPSMFaith Ragan, CF APMP, CPSM
Emily Cannon, CPSMDebra Gilbert, CPSMThomas Kepka, CPSMMonica Seely, CPSMZsanett Napoli, CPSM
Michael M. Jones, CPSMKathleen Chambers, CPSMPatricia L. Weaver, CPSMEloise M. McClaine, MBA, CPSMCatherine Miller, CPSM
Stephany R. Achorn, CPSMJessica J. Parkins, CPSMAngie R. Przybylo, CPSMKelly Teenor, APR, CPSMDiana Banh, CPSM
Cecilia T. Arango, CPSMNichole D. Petersen, CPSMSuzanne K. Small, CPSMMelissa J. Mickle, CPSMKristy Dutch, CPSM
Courtney Costanzo, CPSMKatelyn J. Birge, CPSMRyan Konst, P.E., CPSMKeelin Cox, ENV SP, CPSMJillian G Grabenstein, CPSM, ENV SP
Brooke Lewis, CPSMRobyn Minella, CPSMRobin Broder, CPSMLiza Hall, MBA, CPSMSandie E. Wislicenus, CPSM
Kristy Brooks, CPSMMiles McDonald, CPSMWhitney Briggs, CPSMStephanie Wood, CPSMNicole Medina, CPSM
Angel Jones, CPSMNicole M. Owens, CPSMPeggy K. Amor, CPSMJanet Powell, CPSMAllison Halvorson, CPSM
Rose Zurawski, AIA, MPA, CPSMJulia DeFrances, CPSMRachel T. Treanor, CPSMChristy R. Jenkins, CPSMKaren Roberson, CPSM
Laura M. McDonald, CPSMKelly Conover, CPSMMarie E. O’Quinn, CPSMDenise Scott, CPSMSusie E. Smith, CPSM
Robin W. Overstreet, CPSMMia Picardi, CPSMVanessa D. Zambo, CPSMCherie D. Eifler, CPSMShannon H. Daggett, CPSM
Susan S. Johnson, CPSMCaitlin M. Porter, CPSMRhonda L. Moehlenhoff, CPSM, MSOD, Professional Certified CoachBelinda Gampon-Blue, CPSMBarbara Baskin, CPSM
Michelle R. Erste, CPSMBarbara Klimaszewski, CPSMPatricia J. Cox, CPSMLynn N. Gilbert, CPSMVanessa F. Yust, CPSM
Barbara A. Hicks, CPSMKatherine Nanowski, CPSMWilliam R. Anthony, P.E., CPSM, LEED APElizabeth E. Kechichian, CPSMJodi Vaccaro, CPSM
Matthew J. Frankel, MBA, CPSMSharon Pomeroy, CPSMRonald D. Worth, CAE, FSMPS, CPSM, AIC, FAICMay Low, CPSMJennifer A. Wells, CPSM
Sara Goins, CPSMMarta Dabrowski, CPSMMegan E. Hogan, CPSMTanya M. Madsen, LEED AP, CPSMRebekah L. McMenamin, CPSM
Tiffany Posey Konenkamp, CPSMKristine Nemeth, CPSMLindsey W. Cheatham, CPSMKurt S. Yoshii, FSMPS, CPSMJustin A. Nagy, CPSM
Malory H. Atkinson, CPSM, LEED GAJessica J. Fasi, CPSMKaren K. Tenfelde, CPSMTara Wallace, CPSMGrace Lui, CPSM
Eric Keens, CPSMHilary Nieukirk, CPSMJanet Lively McCauley, CPSMNolan R. Wilds, CPSMLeah M. Hislop, CPSM
Sherri A. Smith, CPSMMary MacIlvain, CPSMStacey S. McChord, CPSMLori Packwood, CPSMKerry Gudjohnsen, CPSM
Beth Harris, F.SAME, FSMPS, CPSMVictoria L. Pancoast, CPSMChristopher Gardner, CPSMJulie Webb, CPSMLaurie E. Lumish, CPSM
Julie A. Trowbridge, CPSMBethany Taylor, CPSM, LEED APEmiliy Marino, CPSMBonnie Hardwick, CPSMKhatidja Khalfan, CPSM
Kimberly S. Williams, CPSMPatricia D. Bilotto, CPSMEmily Smith, CPSMDaryl L. Bray, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, CPSMBecky M. Zegar, CPSM
Carolyn A. Gerrits, CPSMSusan H. Labas, CPSMShaunagh O’Connor, CPSMLindsay A. Long, CPSMDiana M. Leonard, CPSM
Jeanette Hardee, CPSMCathleen E. Vittorio, CPSMChad M. Yussman, MBA, CPSMPamela Taylor, CPSMDevon Kurcina, CPSM
H. Lee Jarboe, FSMPS, CPSMMaria Loitz, FSMPS, CPSMDamion Morris, CPSMNatalie Pagano, FSMPS, CPSMMegan Hemmerle, LEED AP, CPSM, WELL AP
Kimberly A. Thompkins, FSMPS, CPSMLaura Okell, CPSMLarisa J. Forester, CPSM, Associate AIAKristi A. Pempin, CPSMAlethea C. O’Dell, FSMPS, CPSM
Jana H. Rubin, CPSMAmy White, CPSMFawn S. Radmanich, FSMPS, CPSMChris D. Rickman, FSMPS, CPSMAlison Bedwell, CPSM
John A. Popham, CPSMAngela Cook, CPSMBrandy L. Little, FSMPS, CPSM, ACCBrad Thurman, PE, FSMPS, CPSMAlbert W. Anderson, CPSM
Ashley M. Kaylor, CPSMAmanda Sanderson, CPSMJuanita Martinez, CPSM, LEED GAMisty J. Turley Thurman, FSMPS, CPSMJoy L. Woo, FSMPS, CPSM, LEED AP
Jennifer Cowell, CPSMErin McNamara, EDAC, CPSMTonya L. Giebel, CPSMDana L. Birkes, APR, FSMPS, CPSM, Fellow PRSARebecca L. Anicich, CPSM
Amanda Retallack Wheeless, CPSMLizbeth E. Melendez-Perez, CPSMPaula D. Stamp, PhD, MBA, FSMPS, CPSMAndrea de Vries, CPSMDaniel D. Carfora-Hale, CPSM, LEED AP
Brittany N. Hendrickson, CPSMHolly D. Bushner, CPSMJennifer E. Hanson, CPSMKendra Mulhern, CPSMRobert M. Fontanilla, CPSM
Brad Fanta, CPSMSusan G. Kleinman, CPSMBrandi M. Johnson, CPSMKatie Weber, CPSMHarry G. Lawrence, CPSM
Nancy Nichols, CFM, CPSMAllison K. Quinly, CPSMD’Juana Beason, CPSMMeagan DeCarlo, CPSMJulia L. Oseland, CPSM, ACC
Beth Sims, CPSMDiana B. Alexander, CPSMWhitney A. Watson, CPSMPelin Yeter, BA (HONS), PG CERT. (JOUR), CPSMKurt Johnson, CPSM, LEED AP
Katie R. Burks, CPSMDayna F. Newell, CPSMLaura L. Hearn, CPSMErin Berg, CPSMPatricia Hughes DeBeck, CPSM, CAPM
Janki N. DePalma, LEED AP, CPSMLauren Longest, CPSMNicole L. Dufour, CPSMNaglaa Hassanein, MA, CPSMPatricia E. Christman, CPSM
Susan Vaughan, CPSMJanell Pagats, CPSMPerryn D. Olson, FSMPS, CPSM, CCMPKirsten Warren, CPSMTracy R. Allen, CPSM
Allison W. Horne, CPSMSally S. Clark, CPSMKayleigh Hasshaw, CPSMKaity Burke, CPSMJudith A. Sayler, LEED-AP, CPSM
Tricia Williamson, CPSMCourtney Messick, CPSMAnn C. Trobough, CPSMWendy P. Abeel, CPSMMyrna Esther Wagner, FSMPS, CPSM
Kathleen K. Dulovics, CPSMKaren M. Cotton, EIT, LEED AP, CPSMCasey Zweifel, CPSMTheresa C Palid, CPSMBrittany K. Henton, CPSM
Erika Passailaigue, CPSMSteven C. Yates, CPSM, Assoc. AIAAshley S. Gould-Jager, CPSMChristina K Shaw, CPSMJamie Weaver, CPSM
Karen L. Ward, CPSMBonnina B. Yang, CPSMCraig S. Galati, FAIA, FSMPS, CPSMBrian S Donnan, CPSMGreg K. Clark, CPSM
Kristina B. Chang, CPSMBrandon Peters, MBA, CPSM, PLANicole Fehring, CPSMLaura (Lou) Reynoldson, CPSMEllie M. Kasparie, CPSM
Amanda Cole, CPSMCasey M. Rappold, CPSMTheresa M. Casey, FSMPS, CPSMNicholas W Tahran, CPSMCheryl A. Vancil, CPSM
Vanessa Martinez, CPSMJessica J. Gillette, CPSMLaura Walston, CPSMRikki Leigh Williamson, CPSMCourtney Kinamore, CPSM
Kristin Peck, CPSMSuzanne Swistak, CPSMKJ R. Rodgers, CPSMPatrick Keller, CPSMNora M. Bresnahan, CPSM
Katy Folts, CPSMRebecca J. Starer, CPSMMegan J. Ryan, CPSMKyle C. Patterson, PE, CPSMReagan L. Branham, CPSM
Bill Pelham, CPSMKimberly Metzinger, CPSMLindsey Taggart, CPSMMaggie Thornton, CPSMKatie Kuntz, CPSM
Elena V. Difiore, CPSMKelly Jones, CPSMKaitlin Pravetz, CPSMTami J. Fuller, CPSMAmanda Bohnert, CPSM
Suzi Mein, CPSMPatricia A. Gordon, CPSMMichelle R. Kazanow, CPSMAmanda M. Deats, CPSMBridget Ingebrigtsen, CPSM
Caroline H. Hill, CPSMKerrie Frymire, CPSMMindy L. Barnowski, CPSMJohn Lavey, CPSMJessica A. Davila, CPSM
Shirley Barker, CPSMBecca Dowell, CPSMKorey B. Rubeling, CPSMStephanie J. Doeing-Nicoletti, CPSMCindy M. Hausler, CPSM
Jana R. Brickey, CPSM, Certified Business DeveloperStephanie Murdoch, CPSMElizabeth A. Aceto, CPSMKelsey M. Parpart, CPSMCarie A. Dunn, CPSM
Krista Norton, CPSMAmanda D’Luhy, CPSMRee Miskimon, FSMPS, CPSMNicole D. Haman, CPSM, LEED APMichelle Yates, FSMPS, CPSM, EDAC
Catherine T. Krcmarik-Parenti, CPSMHeather Nixon, CPSMLaura M. Werther, CPSMLisa C. Heath, CPSMJoyce C. Cathey Ruiz, CPSM
Maureen S. Varela, CPSMApril Watts, CPSMRyan Maters, CPSMJanie A. Berg, CPSMLaurie A. Sperling, LEED AP, CPSM
Julie P. Woodman, CPSMKoren B. Stauffer, CPSMCarrie Ann Williams, CPSMKaitlin M. Virding, CPSMLesley E. Cocores, CPSM
Marybeth S. Bunker, CPSMAshley Cullen, CPSMChristina N Barrow, CPSMRachel Fisher, CPSMAlberto Flores Franco, MBA, CPSM
Colleen M. Kucera, CPSMJennifer K. McGovern, CPSMKatelin Etoh, FSMPS, CPSMTrissa Kelley, CPSMPeggy E. Paulsen, CPSM
Emy Burback, MBA, CPSMAmy P. Cuddy, CPSMAudrey E. Rhoads, CPSMAmy M. Paul, CPSMJim P. Foust, CPSM
Sara M. Libby, CPSMKate Attilio, CPSMJulia B. Webster, CPSMJodi M. Sommers, CPSMLydia Holland, CPSM
Amy M. Villasana-Moore, CPSMKathleen M. Held, CPSMCatherine D. DeWitt, FSMPS, CPSMMaia S. Hampson, CPSMCarole Wenell, CPSM
Deirdre M. Booth, FSMPS, CPSMSylvia S. Montgomery, CPSMMelinda L. Hinsley, FSMPS, CPSM, F.SAMEKatherine A. Robinette, CPSMAndy Larson, CPSM
Antigone Spiker, CPSMAlexandra Jayjock, CPSMGrace E. Benn, CPSMYessica Pote, CPSMDonata Gilliland, CPSM
Alexandra Garner, CPSMLaura J. Ewan, FSMPS, CPSMBridget M. Jones, CPSMKim De Alba, CPSMRachael Osborn, CPSM
Kristine Mower-Millar, CPSMHugo Amelink, CPSMAmy E. Lambert, CPSMLisa A. Keohokalole Schauer, CPSMChristina M. Ryan, CPSM
Bonnie J. Temple, CPSM, ENV SPAmy L. Talton, CPSMCaitlin A. Barry, CPSMStacey Ho, CPSMChristopher A. Tejeda, CPSM
Christy M. Sipos, CPSMCheryl B. Waller, CPSMSteve Campbell, CPSMPaige C. Viehouser, CPSMRebecca Weldon, CPSM
Barbara D. Shuck, FSMPS, CPSMNancy McCartan, CPSMCourtney G. Murchison, CPSMTamara L. Grimm, CPSM, LEED APMegan Blackwell, CPSM
Kristie Norris, CPSMHope Wilson, PMP, CPSMErin E. Ongena, CPSMKasey DeLucia, FSMPS, CPSMTracy L. Jenkins, MBA, CPSM
Melissa Bullock, CPSMJennifer M. Bottomley, CPSMSamantha B. Malott Brown, CPSMTanya S. Boyer, CPSMCameron D. Hagans, CPSM
Jennifer L. Tomich, CPSMAlison A. Carney, CPSMNicollette Cardwell, CPSMMichelle H. Fitzpatrick, FSMPS, CPSMSandy J. Bailey, CPSM
Nakaila Pollard, CPSMJoseph W. Monahan, CPSMEliot P. Dolgin, CPSMEllen Peniston, CPSMAllison R. Joseph, CPSM
Phillip Learmonth, CPSMSusan Merrigan, FSMPS, CPSMTravis Niemi, CPSMTrevor Hensley, CPSMLori J. Burbridge, CPSM
Megan Riley, CPSMPipper M. Mosley, CPSMAnne M. Emerick, CPSMGabe N. Lett, FSMPS, CPSMKatie A. Haggerty, CPSM
Tracey O’Connor, CPSMMary E. Fenelon, CPSMNicole L. Rihtarchik, CPSMNicole Smith, CPSMChristine R. Kenney, CPSM
Benjamin Sawa, FSMPS, CPSM, PMPSteven P. James, CPSMCaitlin Bakan, CPSMJason Mills, CPSMKathryn Ness, CPSM
Kara I. Chiccarelli, CPSMSarah Pegram, CPSMJennifer Huebel, CPSMRebecca L Custer, CPSMLisa R. Thut, CPSM
Laura Player, CPSMDanielle N. Kerkes, CPSMDebra K. Osuch, CPSM, REMCheryl Lam, CPSMJoy D. Guinn, FSMPS, CPSM
Anna N. Luciano, CPSMRose M. Batignani, CPSMGrace Ann Eovaldi, CPSMDiane Goschler, EIT, CPSMChelsea V. Pozar, CPSM
Faye DeMoura, CPSMAmanda E. Welch, PMP, CPSMEmily S. Havelka, MBA, CPSMNikki M. Campbell, CPSMLisa J. Pereira McClintock, CPSM
Kimberly A. Smith, CPSMTammy A. Anderson, CPSMDeborah L. Brauer, CPSMRobert J. Fini, CTS-D, CPSMKaren B. Carr, CPSM, LEED AP, Assoc. DBIA
Suzanne King, CPSMUniqueka Walcott, CPSMJennifer E. Miller, CPSMRachel Kenshalo, CPSMFrancis J. Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM
Karen Dyer, CPSMMichelle Hubbard, CPSMJacqui Raumer, CPSMSandra F. Bones, CPSMKathryn E. Jones, CPSM
Karyn B. Tirabassi, CPSMRobin Apelado, CPSMKrystle T. English, CPSM, PCM, CF APMPMatt Wittemann, CPSMCharlotte F. Deni, CPSM
Kirsten M. Papagni, CPSMMeghann Leigh Kriss, CPSMMichelle L. Coffin, CPSMCorey H. Fenwick, CPSMKatie M. Batill-Bigler, CPSM
Valerie Puchades, CPSMValerie C. Murphy, MPA, CPSMKelly Sternberg, FSMPS, CPSMDarcy C. Veneziale, CPSMKristen A. Taylor, CPSM
Pia Cardinali, CPSMKatie Brancheau, CPSMDana Lancour, FSMPS, CPSMEllen M. Davis, CPSMShirley Dimon, CPSM
Pamela J. Roscoe, CPSMStephanie W. Landis, CPSMLaura Matter, CPSM, LEED AP BD+CBridget J. Shane, CPSMJennifer Nix-McGerald, CPSM
Jennifer W. Shelby, CPSMMichelle Long, CPSMMarisa V. Varga, CPSM, LEED APLaura B. Frein, CPSMStephanie L. Kitzerow, CPSM
Rebecca Maloney, LEED AP, CPSMHeather M. Soucy, CPSMMelanie D. Berger, CPSMKate H. Petrovich, CPSMJennifer L. Stutts, CPSM
Wayne W. Cobleigh, CPSMLindsay Diven, CPSMLinda Black, CPSMSandra Drain, CPSMChaz M. Ross-Munro, CPSM
Susan M. Elmore, CPSMKimberly S. Jowers, LEED AP BD+C, CPSM, Fitwel AmbassadorDonna L. Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSMDana A. Buttorff, CPSMAnn Schiola, FSMPS, CPSM, CIP-III
Keri L. Drake, CPSMMicaela A. Riseling, CPSMSusan R. Arneson, CPSMKathy Kostiuk, CPSMTheresa Greene, CPSM
Susan R. Shelby, FSMPS, CPSMRebecca Titus, CPSMAshley Nye, CPSMJonathan Goldberg, CPSMStephanie K. Thoresen, CPSM
Charles P. Raymond, CPSMLindsey J. Kubes, CPSMSean Smith, CPSMAfton L. Pascal, CPSMToni R. Friedman, CPSM
Philip S. Hammond, CPSM, AICPJessica J. Chan, CPSMJill Zehr, CPSMAndrew J. Katz, CPSMMindy M. Bacon, CPSM
Paula Lawson, CPSMRhonda L. Bolding, CPSMTerry Hawley, CPSMElizabeth G. Paul, CPSMKristin Downer, CPSM
Cisley McPhail, CPSMBarbara A. Stiles, FSMPS, CPSMQuinn C. Texmo, CPSMMelissa D. Rysak, CPSMMichele M. Ode, CPSM
Jennifer C. Stanton, CPSMRussell W. Sanford, FSMPS, CPSMMichael A. Benck, CPSMChristine M. Ferrazzano, CPSMKendra Braunger, CPSM
Adina Fisher, CPSMMichael J. Recchio, CPSMMichelle M. Hilding, CPSMRobert E. Heist, CPSMHeidi Schmidt, CPSM
Brooke Beckner, CPSMLisa A. Greene, CPSMBarton L. Pugh, CPSMDorothy J. Verdon, CPSMRebekah Iverson, CPSM
Anna Derocher, CPSMCorine A. Hall, CPSMConnie S. Crow, CPSMJanice MacV Kopple, CPSMHeidi Lensch, CPSM
Caroline Brant, CPSMLinda J. Hollingsworth, CPSMJanis Weidenhammer, CPSMShelley Hyland, CPSMShannon D. Burfeind, MBA, CPSM
Joanna MacCallum, CPSMWilliam E. Randolph, CPSMAbby Goetz, CPSMNikole Pastore, CPSMChrissy McNamara, CPSM
Susanna Craib-Cox, CPSMTracey Renner Sibley, CPSMStephanie Frederich, CPSMSusie E. Underwood, CPSMLacey N. Gossett, CPSM
Angela Roberts, CPSMAlexandra S. Brown, CPSMZachery R. Brown, CPSMNancy R. Krieg, CPSMGregory A. Beckstrom, CPSM
Matthew E. Dvorak, CPSMRachel Stevens, CPSMHelga I. Oliver, CPSMMichael S. McCarthy, LEED GA, CPSMWendy L. Kinderman, CPSM
Jessica L. Hemauer, CPSMNatalie Rodriguez, CPSMJennifer R. Cooper, CPSMBrian P. Gallagher, CPSMSusan J. Vasey Leith, CPSM, PG
Fatimah Ayyeh, MBA, CPSMVanessa G. Bermudez, CPSM, LEED APLisa M. Thoele, APR, LEED AP, CPSMElizabeth Rhoads, LEED AP, CPSMKim Niedzielski, CPSM
Clarice Lyons-Davidson, CPSMKatherine M. Brennan, CPSMBonnie M. Faircloth, CPSMBrittany L. Baxter, CPSMAnne M. Gode, CPSM
Meghan Johnson, CPSMEmma M. Hale, CPSMCricket Robertson, FSMPS, CPSMMary Helen Beard, CPSMAlethia K. Fowler, CPSM
Shannon Brokenshire, CPSMLeAnn Briggs, CPSMEmily F. Hubbard, LEED AP BD+C, CPSMKay Dewey, CPSMNancy L. Thorkelson, CPSM
Greg Kanz, APR, CPSMDawn Bardone, CPSMTeresa M. Sutton, CPSMLisa B. Roberson, FSMPS, CPSMJennifer D. Moore, MBA, CPSM
Nicole D. McGrath-Patti, CPSMEmily J Ludington, CPSMMegan Mickey, CPSMDavid Erik Chase, AIA,CPSM,REFP,LEEDGATara D. Lowry, CPSM
Nathaniel M. Welsh, CPSMDylan DeZeeuw, CPSMAshley Martinez, CPSMRhodes B. White, FSMPS, CPSMKathryn T. Calder, CPSM
Sarah Wilkinson, CPSMAdrienne Ruebusch, CPSMTracy Chiado, CPSMSheena M. Sundin, CPSMHeather Van Iderstine Bateman, CPSM, CF APMP
Anne M. Kulick, CPSMJanet Heil, CPSMMelissa M. Gomez, CPSMJames Manly, CPSMKim D. Perry, CPSM
Don Minner, CPSMMelanie Pliskin, CPSMDanielle L. Aronson, CPSMMatt Kaufman, CPSMJessica L. Smith, CPSM
Megan E. FitzPatrick, CPSMKaren G. Holtman, CPSMJanet H. Wolfe, CPSMKatie Spear, CPSMMichael T. Kirmse, CPSM
Amanda Rackow, CPSMJennifer E. Davis, CPSMM. Dawn Tibbetts, CPSMMark A. Witouski, CPSMLisa A. Fingar, CPSM
Caroline M. Brogan, CPSMSarah Lynn Shewmaker, CPSMMaureen Duffy, CPSMDanielle M. List, CPSMBeth A. Harrison, CPSM
Kathryn A. Mullaney, CPSMSuzanne Parkey, CPSMRoss D. Elliott, MBA, CPSMDiane B. Landers, Ph.D, RPA, CPSMLisa Marie Jensen, CPSM
Janet R. McNell, CPSMMelissa K. Putnick, CPSMJessamine Pottle, CPSMTerry L. Caywood, FSMPS, CPSMKim McDonough, CPSM
Leann T. Dockins, CPSMMelissa M. Schmetzer, CPSMAnna M. DeLong, CPSMKimberly D. Ridenour, CPSM, MBAMatt Rich, CPSM
Matthew E. Rebro, CPSMMegan R. Miller, CPSMJennifer L. Booth, CPSM, CF APMPBriana M. Carter, CPSMAndi Uderjohn, CPSM
Dennis M. Schrag, Ed.D., FSMPS, CPSMChuck R. Lohre, LEED AP ID+C, CPSMJennifer M. Andrews, CPSMMelissa Corey, LEED AP, CPSMLori Epling, CPSM
Krystal Paisley, CPSMEric Anderson, AICP, CPSMKathryn S. Hews, FSMPS, CPSMDana Green, CPSMKellie S. Goddard, CPSM
Douglas J. Rentz, CPSMJennifer Danforth, CPSMSusan L. Ransom, CPSMPatricia L Mitchell, CPSMCynthia Re’Mine, CPSM
Laura Davis, CPSMLisa Koressel, CPSMLisa A. Stevens, CPSMMelissa J. Richards, CPSMRoxy Christensen, CPSM
Alison Caulkins, CPSMNancy M. Niemeyer Goins, CPSMLeslie A. Panfil, CPSMMadelene Finch, CPSMEric Larson, CPSM
Deserae E. Dinger, CPSMBethany R. Smith, FSMPS, CPSMMichael Serdinak, CPSMJames C. Benson, AIA, NCIDQ, LEED AP, PMP, CPSMMelanie N. Nelsen, CPSM
Felicia Wilburn, CPSMMelissa M. Lutz, FSMPS, CPSMEmily E. Lord, AIC, OSHA-30, CPSMJustine A. D’Andrea, CPSMAmber Craighill, CPSM
Erin N. Bailey, CPSMCynthia A. Overshiner, FSMPS, CPSMDonald P. Butchko, CPSMLynette E. Sandlin, CPSMSuela Kaufman, MBA, CPSM
Tami S. Hayes, CPSMErin M. Emerson, CPSMTammi Nagucki, CPSMKimberly J. Fowler, CPSMNicole C. Marshall, CPSM
Brittani Leopold, CPSM, LEED APTracy K. Fukuda, CPSMJennifer M. Wahl, FSMPS, CPSMMeg B. Odom, CPSMKorinne Bouwhuis, M.S., CPSM
Stacy L. Cunningham, CPSMAkimi Shigematsu, CPSMDon Obermeier, LEED AP, CPSMChrista E. Morrison, CPSMCali Centurion, CPSM
Suzanne C. Cody, CPSMKim Castillo, CPSMMatthew Danis, CPSMKatie Pepper, CPSMVicky D. Golie, CPSM
Rachel Headings, CPSMTiffany E. Tabbal, CPSMJennifer L. Hamilton, CPSMJames M. Beers, CPSMFrances Pruyn, CPSM
Courtney Van Ostran, FSMPS, CPSMBeth A. Shimogawa, CPSMAdam B. Kilbourne, FSMPS, CPSMJennifer P. Barker, CPSMHeidi Nielsen, CPSM
Lindsay M. Andrews, CPSMMark Tawara, FSMPS, CPSMJeffrey A. Dentzer, CPSMLinda F. Vaughn, CPSM, CAPM, PMPTravis R. Wilson, CPSM
Paula M. Ryan, FSMPS, CPSMShelley M. Santo, CPSM, LEED APAshley Bulluck, CPSMBrittany B. Menard, CPSMCatherine Curtis, CPSM
Ruth E. Palmer, CPSMChrista C. Wall, CPSMKatherine Broom, CPSMKayla Choate, CPSMKimberly C. Johnson, CPSM
Karen K. Roch, FSMPS, CPSMHollie O’Connor, CPSMAmber H. Arthur, CPSMMary Beth Lineberry, CPSMKeri W. Hammond, FSMPS, CPSM
Peter J. Kienle, FSMPS, CPSM, MBAJulie Soltis, CPSMSarah K. Lowery, CPSMSelena M. Horn, CPSMJulee Attig, CPSM
Thomas E. Mosure, P.E., CPSMAnezra J. Watts, CPSMBeth Van Der Jagt, CPSMJoyce A. Watson, CPSMMelissa Aiken, CPSM
Tracy Taylor-Sea, CPSMJulia L. Falconi, CPSMBecky Rehorn, MBA, CPSMRebecca A. Chavez, CPSMBrianna Ciletti, CPSM
Ryan Williams, CPSMKaren Kubos, CPSMKelly Batcha, CPSMAmanda Busbee, CPSMAmy A. Feathers, CAP-OM, CPSM
Kyle Reed, CPSMJordan A. Ferrell, CPSMRebecca V Elder, CPSMD’Anna Wallace, CPSMTara D. Harris, CPSM
John G. Porter, CPSMValerie Delafosse, CPSMJamie L. Holmes, CPSMChristy Rhone, CPSMBrittany Harlow, Notary Public, CPSM
Kimberly Sterle, CPSMDeanna Rodriguez, CPSMKelsey A. Vines, CPSMCrista S. Reed, CPSMLauren Marshall, CPSM
Callie A. Morris, CPSMKenneth J. Sterritt, CPSMLauren J. Dean, CPSMAdrian Grau, CPSMJennifer D. Hubbard, CPSM
Anne E. Walker, CPSMChristine Perret, CPSMJenny M. Pruitt, CPSMStephanie Silva, CPSMLisa M. Limerick, CPSM
Krissa Szmyd, CPSMDella Mullan, CPSMJustin L. Davidson, CPSMMelodye D. Tomsu, CPSMAllison S. Turner, CPSM
Sierra L. Segrest, CPSMElizabeth C. Tracy-Schiller, CPSMLaura D. LoJacono, CPSMHillary E. Cadra, CPSMJennifer J. Bell, CPSM
Amanda Stephens, CPSMLori Grubbs, CPSMJodi S. Espinoza, CPSMSherri D. Kreutler, CPSMDanielle R Cotnoir, CPSM
Brittany L. Hoff, CPSMJill D. Hope, CPSMSusannah C. Medley, CPSMMaggie L. Seay, CPSMAnnie M. Colpitts, CPSM
Julie A. Witecki, LEED AP, CPSMCarolyn Drushel, CPSMDana L. Ramsey, CPSMMelissa D. Kidd, CPSMHeather Monk, CPSM
Christina L. Guymon, CPSMLisa Ruth, CPSMScott R. Carroll, CPSMSally J. Smith, FSMPS, CPSMKristina L. von Tish, CPSM, LEED Green Associate
Marisa M. Swanson, CPSMChristine M. Hollinden, CPSMUlia Loschiavo, CPSMLinda M. Koch, CPSMBetsy M. Loeb, CPSM, PLA, LEED AP
Theresa Wynn, CPSMKathy M. Bielish, CPSMAlyssa C. Wilson, CPSMAnnabelle H. Macalister, CPSMDiane E. Gillman, CPSM
Nick Grenfell, CPSMDiana M. Brown, CPSMTamara A. Goff, CPSMRachel Emme Carr, CPSMEmily Ripka, CPSM
Stacey Richardson, CPSMPeter A. de la Mora, CPSMDonna J Corlew, FSMPS, CPSMBecky Scheible, CPSMKelley Giannotti, CPSM
Crystal O’Neal, CPSMNikou S. McCarra, CPSM, LEED GAPaula E. Harris, CPSMAlexia Reilly, CPSMLisa M. Demmel-Bourne, CPSM
Jordan Leeper, CPSMAmber D. Timmermeyer, CPSMChristine K Young, CPSMJennifer Haferbecker, CPSMValerie Y. James, CPSM
Sarah S. Hodge, CPSM, LEED AP, GGPKristin L. Kautz, CPSMEmma B. Parker, CPSMErika Powers, CPSMJennifer M. Miranowicz, CPSM
iLana Harris, CPSMRobert S. Cullison, CPSMKatie R. Bevan, CPSMKristie L. Bevacqua, CPSMTim Klabunde, FSMPS, CPSM
Daiva Jarasius, CPSMCarmen Houston Ryan, CPSMKaty Ruzicka, CPSMSharon A. Singleton, ASLA, CPSMCeleste M. Garrett, CPSM
Darcy R. Porter, CPSMMelinda P. Robinson, CPSMJodi K. Bird, CPSMCatherine M. McCullough, FSMPS, CPSMTimothy G. Asimos, CPSM
Molly M. Cape, CPSMCathy D’Arche, CPSMHolly Scudder, CPSMKelly J. Michajlenko, CPSMEmily M. Frock, CPSM
Edie Adams, CPSMAlayne E. Bryant, LEED AP, CPSMKristin Sloane, CPSMCarina A. Orsino, CPSMJodie L. Day, CPSM
Kimberly A. Wybenga, CPSMAmi Z. Goudie, CPSMSutton Norris, CPSMMarylou Flanders, CPSMHeather E. McLaughlin, CPSM
Megan Eby, CPSMSarah K. De Ita, CPSMKaty Hartwick, CPSMCindy A. Hill, CPSMThomas S. Townes, AIA, CPSM
Andrea L. Slicker, CPSMAndrea S. Goodwin, FSMPS, CPSMTerri Sullivan Gurley, CPSMNK Mbaya, CPSM, F.SAMECheryl W. Browne, CPSM
Amy Vance, CPSMAmy M. Moen, CPSMCarrie Flores, CPSMJoan Mumford, CPSMJanice M. Hall, CPSM
Clare K. Kelly, MS, CPSMDoug Parker, FSMPS, CPSMTeresa Satsky Guill, CPSMKaren Santoro, CPSMKaren M. Tasch, CPSM
Kathryn Bennett, CPSMPhyllis K. Boyea, FSMPS, CPSMMichelle Devereaux, CPSMShiloh D. Swanson, FSMPS, CPSMErin Seghers, CPSM
Linda M. Kelly, CPSMRenee Childress, CPSMPamela Conine, CPSMLynn M. Enebrad, CPSMCandace M. Wilson, CPSM
Shanna M. McMullen, CPSMDuncan Robertson, CPSMJulie E. Shaffer, FSMPS, CPSMCarley Frances Smith, CPSMCatherine J. Rocky, CPSM
Michele R. Raftery, FSMPS, CPSM, WELL APKaley Wright, CPSMJenna Vardell, CPSMLindsay R. McGimpsey, CPSMLindsay L. Young, MBA, FSMPS, CPSM
Dana R. Williams, CPSMApril J. Smith, CPSMAnna Johnson, CPSMBree Carey, CPSMMichelle Ann Bailey, CPSM
Emily Murphy, CPSMHolly Larabee, MBA, CPSMDan Purschwitz, CPSMChristina M. Leahy, CPSMKaitlyn Fox, CPSM
Tawny Quast, CPSMJennifer C. Newman, FSMPS, CPSMJenifer Batchelder, CPSM, CCMPBen Llanes, CPSMDiane Kistler, CPSM
Michelle S. Ott, CPSMLeslie A. Blaize, CPSM, American Writers & Artists Inc Certified Case Study SpecialistKrystal M. Bybee, CPSMMegan E. Bergstrom, CPSMSarah M. Saylor, CPSM
Sylvia Romo, CPSMRachael McKinney, CPSMLaura M. Crawford, CPSMJessica Congdon, CPSMStacy L. Chaney, CPSM
Stacy A. Stout, FSMPS, CPSMCandice Velasco, CPSMCathy Hutchison, CPSM, LEED APBeth Srinivasan, CPSMAmy J. Anderson, CPSM
Michelle L. Wiesner, CPSMShannon Stewart, CPSMCourtney D. Kearney, CPSMEmily Moline Meyer, CDFA, CPSMBridget Kraus, CPSM
Jennifer C. Van Vleet, CPSMStefanie Berumen, CPSMMichael F. Knowles, CPSMLauren Rellinger, CPSMKimberly J. D’Amato, CPSM
Danielle B. Feroleto, MA, CPSMElizabeth Moody, CPSM, LEED APMike Wagner, CPSMJanine Messina, CPSMClelia Morris, CPSM
Carol M. Ditchkus, CPSMBeth A. George, CPSMJulie Huval, FSMPS, CPSMZoey J. Zemanek, CPSMHeidi M. Frosch, CPSM
Christine King, FSMPS, CPSMMaria L. Marzoeki, FSMPS, CPSMJennifer L. Lacy, CPSM, CM-LeanAmanda L. Privitt, CPSMJustin M. Juley, CPSM
Linda J. Svege, CPSMJon E. Jaeger, CPSMJulia K. Meade, CPSMJeremy Richard, CPSMPatti Keillor Rohde, CPSM
Robert G. Trout, CPSMThomas E. Smith, AICP, FSMPS, CPSMAsheya L. Warren, FSMPS, CPSMLiz Wasson Coleman, CPSMMary Jo Lucka, CPSM
Rebekah Hartt, CPSMJulie A. Kost, CPSMIge Guobadia, CPSMJames Malloy Harmon, CPSMStacy Robben, MHA, FSMPS, CPSM, LEED AP
Cristina L. Roth, CPSMMichael L. Firsich, CPP, CPSMShannah A. Hayley, FSMPS, CPSMCharles H. McIntyre, CPSMKimberly Kayler, CPSM, CSI
Shawn M. Barron, CPSMMichael S. Meddock, P.E., CPSMBernie Siben, CPSMLara A. Holcombe, CPSMChloe Beighley, CPSM
Thomas E. Donley, CPSMChristina L. Wood, CPSMBernice Bako, FSMPS, CPSM, MBAKaren Lee, CPSMEmily N. Ford, CPSM
Esther Weakley, CPSMHeathernCox, CPSMAubrey A. Spear, CPSMJana Roy, CPSMOlivia Jacobson-McKelvie, CPSM
Amy E. Meadows, CPSMNatalie Mathes, CPSMNancy J. Usrey, FSMPS, CPSMLauren M. Obermark, CPSMJamie Walters, CPSM
Heather L. Sweitzer, CPSMMeg Butcher, CPSMTara M. Nicoletti, CPSMLori Castro, CPSMJessica Lynn Snyder, CPSM
Jeffery M. Lynch, MA, CPSMCindy Culbertson, FSMPS, CPSMKimberly A. Graham, CPSMSarah M. Quainton, CPSMMonica L. Vaughan, CPSM
Kathy Baldwin, CPSMMegan E. Scott, FSMPS, CPSMPatricia A. Bryant, CPSMBill Taylor, M.S., CPSMTracy Tefft, CPSM
Tammie L. Sheaffer, CPSMHarmony Gratzer, CPSMHelen L. Fallon, CPSMAdam Tycaster, CPSMMolly Sedlacek, CPSM
Kristi M. Reichard, CPSMLacey Reckelhoff, CPSMAndrea Sobocinski, CPSMErin M. Hatch, CPSMElaine A. Collins, CPSM
Alison K. Detar, CPSMBenjamin F. Bain, CPSMYingmei Yan, CPSMJeannine Y. Alexander, CPSMCorey Marshall, CPSM
Judy L. Hricak, CPSMHolly R. Bolton, FSMPS, CPSMErika Moshkovich, CPSMJosh Grenzsund, CPSMAshley M. Pearston, CPSM
Amy J. Collins, FSMPS, CPSMRoger D. Cummings, CPSMJohn G. Zuccerella, CPSM, CF APMPMelanie Cochrun, CPSMMunawar M. Qaddoumi, CPSM, LEED AP O+M
Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSMSteven P. Osborn, PE, SE, FSMPS, CPSMMonica Hatcher, CPSMNancy H. Way, CPSMRysa Gregg, CPSM
Michelle Smith, CPSMBrent D. Crum, CPSMKatherine E. James, LEED GA, CPSMChristopher Imbeau, CPSM
Robin C. Buchanan, CPSMDavid A. Werking, FSMPS, CPSMKayla L. McCause, CPSMElin Headrick, CPSM
Megan Whalen, CPSMKaren O. Courtney, AIA, FSMPS, CPSMMichele Ouimet, CPSMEstrella F. Sung, CPSM
Elizabeth Kleto, CPSMWhitney L. White, CPSMTracey Colabella, CPSMSarah A. Wortman, CPSM
Caitlin Cox Rath, CPSMAddison Mayhew, CPSMKyle R. Fisher, CPSMConnie Ireland, CPSM
Jill Davis, CPSM, LEED GAMackenzie R. Doty, CPSMJeffrey M. Taub, FSMPS, CPSMGail Kinner, CPSM
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