Salary Survey

2019 results are now available for the SMPS Marketing Compensation and Metrics Survey. And it's not too late to add your 2019 data!

View our infographic for an overview of key results from the 2018 survey.

Since 2014, the SMPS A/E/C Salary Survey has provided annual updates and comparison reports to the SMPS community, educating marketers about hiring and spending trends of participating companies. This study is the largest compensation and metrics survey of marketing and business development professionals in the A/E/C industries available today.

Why Participate?

This comprehensive survey allows you to benchmark your salary, compensation, and firm metrics against your peers. How does your compensation package compare?

You can also use this data to inform your next performance review, and ensure that your firm’s compensation program remains competitive.

What's In It For You?

Information. Comprehensive and filterable report results to make sure you and your company stay on top of the trends.

2019 data entry is open. Members can enter at least 40% of their data to gain free access to view results and run free, filtered reports.

2019 results and reports are now open. Results from 2018 and prior years are also available.

SMPS Members: Free 
(As long as you answer required questions and complete at least 40% of the questions.) SMPS student and retired members receive free access to results (when available) by logging in.

SMPS Members (that have not completed at least 40% of the survey): Participation is Free, Access to Reports: $99*

Nonmembers: Participation is Free, Access to Reports: $199*

All purchases are final. No refunds will be provided. 

Members–Getting Started:

  1. Access the survey by logging in using your SMPS username and password to the SMPS website. (We now have single sign on access to the Salary Survey).
  2. Want to know what questions we are asking? Download the data collection worksheet to help you gather your information.
  3. Begin entering your 2019 data if you haven’t already done so. You do NOT need to complete the survey all in one session.
  4. If you’ve already entered 40% or more of your data and answered all required questions, you now have access to see results, run filtered reports, and view pre-defined charts and reports.
  5. Bookmark this link for future use (and remember to delete any prior bookmarks).

Run Reports From Previous Years:

If you previously entered data (FY 13, FY 14, FY 16, FY 17,  FY 18, or FY 19), you may run those reports now:

  1. Login to the survey.
  2. Select the Compare tab (looks grayed out).
  3. Set filters and run reports. For help, view this screencast.

Members: Purchase Survey Access

 If you don’t enter 40% of your data and want to purchase access for one year (rather than enter data):

  1. Visit the purchase page.
  2. Log in to receive the discounted member price of $99.
  3. Complete the purchase.
  4. After purchase, please visit the survey portal and navigate to the Compare tab to view results and run reports.

Non Members: Purchase Survey Access

If you wish to purchase access to compensation survey results, reports, and charts for a year ($199), please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit the purchase page.
  2. Complete the purchase.
  3. If you already have an SMPS account and are logged in, go to the survey portal and navigate to the Compare tab to view results and run reports.
  4. If you had to create an account, SMPS HQ staff will need to process your order; please allow 24 hours. You will receive a receipt when your order is processed.
  5. Once you receive the receipt, go to the survey portal and navigate to the Compare tab to view results and run reports.

Need Additional Help?

  • Visit the Support link at the top right of the page once you log in to view the “Quick Start Guide” or to see the survey questions in the “Data Collection Worksheet.” Note: The worksheet is to help you collect your data. You may then use the worksheet to enter your information into the interactive portal. If you need assistance, please send an email to
  • Reminder on how to filter reports: View the screencast prepared by SMPS headquarters staff member Julio Santos. Reminder: Only members that complete 40% or more of the survey can access the reports for free.
  • Participate in the survey