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SMPS Launches Official Podcast Channel: SMPS Radio


Alexandria, VA: The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), the premier A/E/C marketing and business development association, is pleased to announce the creation of SMPS Radio, its podcast channel on SoundCloud. Also known as SMPS Now & Tomorrow, the podcast will cover best practices, emerging trends, and specific topics from marketers and business developers in the A/E/C industry.

SMPS Now & Tomorrow will strive to become the industry standard for podcasting in the areas of marketing, communications, and business development within the A/E/C industry. Creating the channel on SoundCloud allows listeners to subscribe and be notified when new podcasts are added. Jaime Flores, SMPS Vice President of Marketing and Communications, adds, “Our hope is that the podcasts will empower our members through informative content while acting as a vehicle for teaching and sharing innovative ideas.” Topics already recorded and available include branding best practices and social selling. Additional future episodes for 2015 will focus on business development, the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) program, drone technology, and an interview with new SMPS CEO Michael V. Geary.

To provide guidance during the early development of SMPS Radio, the SMPS Board of Directors created a Podcast Technology Task Force (2014–2015). The goal of the task force was to lay the groundwork for all future SMPS podcasts to offer an intellectually rich and collaborative online audio learning environment. Additionally, task-force members served as a knowledge source for new technologies emerging in the A/E/C community and acted as advisors on podcasting for the SMPS community. The SMPS Podcast Technology Task Force members included Doug Parker, FSMPS, CPSM, Adam Kilbourne, CPSM, Kary Beck, Jan Flesher, Leah Boltz, CPSM, Lindsay Diven, CPSM, Matthew Hawk, Amanda Karfakis, Patrick Robbins, Lili Swanson, and Carrie Ann Williams, CPSM. SMPS thanks these professionals for their expertise and dedication to the initiative.

For more information about SMPS Radio, please contact: Jaime Flores at 703.549.6117, x228.



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