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SMPS Gives Back: Spotlight on SMPS Cincinnati
This year, SMPS chapters and their members are continuing to get involved in the community. Amanda Roehl, marketing manager at The Kleingers Group, takes part in our chapter spotlight to talk about SMPS Gives Back and the philanthropic activities planned at SMPS Cincinnati.

What’s new with volunteer efforts at SMPS Cincinnati?
Our chapter is making a better effort to give back. For the first time this year, we introduced an outreach director who is planning events and donations year-round.

Have you picked a project for the year?
We have asked our chapter to bring gently used and new items to donate to Dress for Success Cincinnati. As a way to encourage more donations, donors will have a chance to be entered into a mall gift-card drawing to be held at our holiday event in December and awards ceremony in June. The more times someone donates, the better their chances are to win. The winner can choose to take the gift card or use the monetary value to donate to Dress for Success Cincinnati.

Why is SMPS Gives Back important to you?
Over the summer, I conducted phone surveys with about a third of our members (someday I will reach them all). Charity and volunteering is important to me, and I wanted to find out if it was important to other members. The overwhelming response was a desire to give back. Because the responses varied on what type of activity members preferred, the board decided to appoint an outreach director and offer a variety of opportunities for those in our chapter to give back.

Why should SMPS Gives Back be important for the chapters, members, and SMPS as a whole?
After researching within my chapter and finding the desire to do something more, I looked at what other chapters were doing in their communities. I discovered that some chapters were doing grand, elaborate give-back events, while other chapters were doing what they could to give back, like Cincinnati. The common denominator was that most chapters were doing something at some level. I wanted to find a way to share what we all do—those events that really make you say, “Wow, we are really part of something cool and much larger.”

Could you provide some examples of charitable ideas for chapters looking for ways to help but don’t know where to start?
Consider connecting a donation to an industry or program-related topic like Water for People. Volunteer to do something together in your neighborhood through Habitat for Humanity or a neighborhood revitalization group that offers opportunities to strengthen business development relationships. Take a moment to look at what other chapters are doing or follow the #SMPSgivesback story on social media.

If a member said “I don’t really have time to get involved; I’m just too busy,” what would you say?
No matter how small, there are always opportunities to help out. Those who don’t have time to get involved can create donation opportunities at events. Even a simple share or like on social media can go a long way. You can also ask them to share what your chapter is doing with their firms or other connections.

Are you involved with volunteer efforts through your chapter? If so, make sure to share the news through social media by using #SMPSgivesback.

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