SMPS Fellows as a Resource

Fellows helping you.

The SMPS Fellows

Dedicated service to SMPS and its members.

Does your chapter have a member who has been recognized as an SMPS Fellow?

Do you know if your chapter has a chapter champion?

The purpose of the SMPS Fellows Program is to recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Society and marketing professional services in the A/E/C industry, as well as encourage continued achievement and SMPS engagement by senior members. The role of SMPS Fellows is defined by three goals of the program—to honor outstanding individuals, meet the needs of fellows, and use the talents of fellows. Let’s focus on that last point—using the talents of fellows to help SMPS members.

SMPS Fellows are achievers who accepted a leadership role in the Society and mentoring roles in the profession. They are committed to helping other members and others in the A/E/C industry be the best they can be.

  • Have you faced a marketing task at the office that stumped you? Ask a fellow.
  • Do you want to grow in your career but are uncertain of the next steps? Ask a fellow.
  • Do you have an idea you’d like to share with your boss, but would like a little encouragement? Ask a fellow.
  • Need a speaker for your next chapter program? Ask a fellow.

Fellows accepted the responsibility to help when they achieved the recognition. And they have the knowledge and expertise to help. Through 15 years of marketing experience, 10 years as an SMPS member, earning and holding CPSM certification for a minimum of five years before becoming a fellow, chances are they have faced something similar to your situation and have an answer. If not, they can very likely find one.  Fellows would be happy to help—all you have to do is reach out.

Similarly, chapter champions are fellows who have been paired with an SMPS chapter to engage and help whenever possible. The champions are fellows who have reached out in an effort to be more accessible, perhaps more visible, to let you know they are there when needed. Again, we encourage you to reach out. They will help you meet a need, fill a gap, strategize, you name it. They will welcome the opportunity and will be flattered you asked.

We invite you to access the Fellows Resource Directory on MySMPS. The directory was created to help identify fellows and their skills or background that could address your specific need. This directory is accessible to all SMPS members. If you are not an SMPS member, but working in the A/E/C industry, we encourage you to join SMPS and reap the rewards.

Consider SMPS Fellows a resource!

Cynthia Jackson, FSMPS, CPSM, is marketing services manager for KLH Engineers. She can be reached at [email protected].

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