SMPS Diversity Statement

We acknowledge the inequality and social injustice that persists in our communities, nations, and professions.

We share in the pain, sadness, and countless other emotions that our members are experiencing. Now is the time for us to be present and stand alongside one another. 
The current environment is unimaginably difficult for many. There has never been a better time to show empathy—to reach out to a client, coworker, or colleague—and simply listen.
The leadership that our members exemplify within their firms now and in the future has the power to greatly impact our industries and communities.
We encourage everyone to engage in the necessary conversations to help move us forward. We are committed to being part of the solution.
We stand beside you.

SMPS is committed to adding to efforts that end racial injustice and inequality. Our organization aspires to be a leader on this matter for our members, among our peer groups, and in our professional community.

Our vision is clear: we will have diverse leadership structure, staff, and membership; we will create a supportive environment for people of color; we will offer tools to make change in our organization, profession, and industries. To get started, we will take the following steps.

  • Approved by the board of directors in February 2020, organize a task force to solicit ideas and to specifically address these issues for our organization and profession.
  • Actively seek diverse people to serve in leadership roles and as employees at SMPS HQ and encourage our members’ employers to do the same.
  • Through our publications and events, provide opportunities for dialogue, exposure, learning, and change.

The vision for our members and the Society is evolving. “Business Transformed Through Leadership” was never about marketing alone. The leadership our members exemplify within their firms has the power to greatly impact our industries and communities.

And what has always been true about our vision is that our members can be transformative. SMPS stands with you.

—SMPS Board of Directors and HQ Team

SMPS embraces and promotes diversity in our organization, which includes our differences, mutuality, and similarities. We recognize that our diversity is reflected by our different people and firms. We believe our varying ethnicities, cultures, genders, ages, levels of experiences, physical abilities and other differences benefit us as individuals and as an organization. In SMPS, we will promote programs and activities that espouse our beliefs and increase awareness, understanding, recruitment and participation of diverse persons and firms.