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Listing of credits that are reported to SMPS Headquarters.

CPSM Transcript Information

Below is a listing of credits that have been reported to SMPS HQ. It may take up to 2 weeks for credits to appear on your transcript.

Current Certification Expiration: 12/31/5555 Credit Request Form | Print Transcript

Total Credits: 0.00

Credits Needed: 50.00

Credits To Go: 50.00

Note: There is a 15-credit limit for speaking/moderating, writing, and reading credit types. Credits in excess of 15 in each category will show as zero “0” credits earned on the transcript.

How Credits Are Reported

SMPS National Programs

If you attended an SMPS National program (Build Business, workshop, Webinar), your credits will be credited automatically.

SMPS Chapter Programs and Regional Conferences

If you attended an SMPS chapter program or SMPS regional conference, the host is responsible for submitting your attendance to SMPS National. If a program you attended does not appear on your transcript, please contact the host chapter or regional conference planning committee.

Non-SMPS Programs

CPSMs must self-report credits earned at other organizations (AMA, AIA, etc.). Complete the Credit Request Form   and submit the required documentation. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to be approved and applied to your transcript.

Other Methods for Earning Credits

If you read a designated article in the SMPS Marketer, gave a presentation, wrote an article, or earned credit though an alternate method, please complete the Credit Request Form and submit the required document. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to be approved and applied to your transcript.

For Credits Earned Prior to October 1, 2011

Credits earned after October 1, 2011, will be submitted by SMPS National or SMPS chapter/regional conference. For credits earned by attending an SMPS event before October 1, 2011, please submit all documentation and the CEU Summary Sheet to the SMPS National Certification Department at 123 N Pitt Street, Suite 400, Alexandria, VA 22314, or [email protected].


Call the SMPS National Certification Department at 800.292.7677800.292.7677 FREE, x232, or e-mail [email protected] for questions about missing credits.

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