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Resilience and Inspiration: It’s What We All Need

October 6, 2017

…stories are remarkable. Most have chosen a degree program and research focus derived from the effects of personal experiences that could easily have overwhelmed them. The perseverance and passion these… Read More

A Triathlete’s Guide to Market Perseverance

October 2, 2017

…the current competitive status of their firm, the financial health of target clientele, and available resources for new pursuits. A strong strategic plan will keep focus on the ability to… Read More

Building on Our Success

September 18, 2017

…their firms. It’s important, to me, that we get it right and prioritize the most relevant research topics.Our areas of focus for 2017-2018 are as follows: Create a business plan… Read More

Empowering Employees as Thought Leaders

September 7, 2017

Empowering Employees as Thought Leaders Positioning employees as brand ambassadors is not new; however, an ongoing challenge for A/E/C marketers is facilitating that process. Social media expands our ability to… Read More

About Nick Benore

August 11, 2017

…you tell us a little about your roles at the company? As the director of operations, my primary focus was ensuring the delivery of timely and accurate project announcements to… Read More

Marketing Is Leadership

August 11, 2017

and it’s a future that we need to work together to create. We have a choice: We can promote what has always been, or we can focus on leveraging our… Read More

SMPS Foundation Research

June 19, 2017

Help Select the Next Research Topic This year the SMPS Foundation’s board of trustees decided to focus our efforts on selecting a research project for 2017-2018 that will benefit both… Read More

Spring Thinking

April 3, 2017

…solid focus on leadership.Brand Positioning. A new vision requires a refreshed brand position. The Society board recently engaged MilesHerndon to help us craft a new brand platform. This positioning process… Read More

What Your Clients Want You To Know

March 13, 2017

Shortlist Presentations and How to Improve Your Win Rate. Shortlist presentations could be called “stress list presentations” for the amount of angst they cause A/E/C and environmental consulting firms. The… Read More

And We’re Off!

March 6, 2017

…shy of 7,000 members. As we continue to develop more member value, new programs, and education, we need to focus on growing our chapters and our association. I know that… Read More