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Influencer Marketing

February 1, 2018

The term “influencer” has become so synonymous with successful marketing practices that the Cambridge Dictionary has added a new definition of the word: “A person or group that has… Read More

Omnichannel Marketing

January 19, 2018

…experience across the entire customer journey. So, the focus is on optimizing the experience across all phases of customer engagement and across all channels, screens, and devices. It’s more than… Read More

Your 2018 Journey

January 5, 2018

…firm’s heart is to dominate your niche market, then the firm’s operational policies must be channeled to support that goal. If the firm’s operational goals are focused on minimal investment,… Read More

A Client-Focused BD Initiative

November 21, 2017

Lessons Learned from a Client-Focused BD Initiative With the stress of billable targets, endless client meetings, project deadlines, and business development goals, it’s hard enough to find time together in… Read More

Family Ties

November 16, 2017

…a focus on efficiency. Katie: I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a certificate in International Business from Texas Tech University. I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, where I… Read More

Thoughts and Ideas: Leveraging Them Into Actions

November 3, 2017

We do our best when we focus on positive energy. I was up early, way before sunrise. I had alerted everyone that I would be out of the office all… Read More

Resilience and Inspiration: It’s What We All Need

October 6, 2017

…stories are remarkable. Most have chosen a degree program and research focus derived from the effects of personal experiences that could easily have overwhelmed them. The perseverance and passion these… Read More

A Triathlete’s Guide to Market Perseverance

October 2, 2017

…the current competitive status of their firm, the financial health of target clientele, and available resources for new pursuits. A strong strategic plan will keep focus on the ability to… Read More

Building on Our Success

September 18, 2017

…their firms. It’s important, to me, that we get it right and prioritize the most relevant research topics.Our areas of focus for 2017-2018 are as follows: Create a business plan… Read More

Empowering Employees as Thought Leaders

September 7, 2017

Empowering Employees as Thought Leaders Positioning employees as brand ambassadors is not new; however, an ongoing challenge for A/E/C marketers is facilitating that process. Social media expands our ability to… Read More