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CPSM Week 

Online from February 11–15, 2019, we’re celebrating all things certification during CPSM Week.

Mark your calendar to take part in the fun and informative activities we have planned for each day. And just like last year, we’ll be giving away some prizes for participation.

Are you a CPSM? What about your friends and colleagues? Help us raise awareness about the program by spreading the word about CPSM Week and the benefits of earning the designation.

We’ll be using #smpscpsmweek throughout social media so everyone can follow along. During CPSM Week, check out CPSM stories—and share your own—by using this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s what we have planned for CPSMs during the week:

Day 1, February 11: Check your inbox for a Welcome to CPSM Week message with a special, complimentary educational offering from SMPS headquarters.

Day 2, February 12: We’ll ask you to share on social media what being a CPSM means to you.

Day 3, February 13: We’ll ask you to share four adjectives with the letters C, P, S, and M that describe what it means to have the CPSM designation.

Day 4, February 14: Next, we want to know how having the CPSM designation has helped you to help your firm. Share a quick tweet or a story on Facebook and tell us all about it.

Day 5, February 15: It’s prize day! We’ll pick our winners (randomly chosen from those who have posted on social media using #smpscpsmweek) so make sure you participate in the social sharing activities for a chance to win.

Thank you all for participating in CPSM Week!

Here are our prize winners who participated during the week on social media by sharing their CPSM stories and adjectives!

  • Linda Dininger, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Dawn Savage, FSMPS, CPSM, gift certificate for a Knowledge Kit
  • Nicole McGrath-Patti, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Lacey Proffitt, CPSM, an SMPS hoodie
  • Kim Williams, CPSM, gift certificate for a Knowledge Kit
  • Wayne Cobleigh, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Brittani Leopold, CPSM, Markendium: The Essentials (6 book set)
  • Valerie Delafosse, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Hilary Nieukirk, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Christopher Tejeda, CPSM, gift certificate for Markendium Labs
  • Karen Guy Dyer, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Shannon Brush, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt
  • Amy Cuddy, CPSM, an SMPS hoodie
  • Della Mullan, CPSM, a gift certificate for Markendium Labs
  • Emily Ford, CPSM, an SMPS t-shirt

Congratulations! We will reach out to our winners to get information needed in order to send them their prizes.

It’s been great seeing you online during CPSM Week!

If you’re interested in becoming a CPSM, learn more about the program by visiting How To Become a CPSM.


I'm a CPSM - Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Beth A Shimogawa, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Catherine McCullough, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Christopher Tejeda, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Craig Galati, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Damion Morris, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Fawn Radmanich, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - Gail Kinner, CPSM

I'm a CPSM - NK Mbaya, CPSM