Launch into Learning: New Member Bundle

Grab your complimentary learning bundle.

Connections, networking, and professional development matter more than ever. At SMPS, we’re here to help with all three. When you join SMPS, we provide over $750 in resources to kick-start your membership. So, in addition to the network, professional development, and industry-related information, you’ll  receive a Launch Into Learning bundle* that includes:


*This offer is not applicable for student, transfer, or reinstated members.

Why Join

With SMPS, you’ll become part of a community of like-minded peers—over 7,000 strong—engaged in advancing the value of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industries, and in the success of their firms.

As a member, you’ll:

  • Be connected to top-quality education and critical business and career resources
  • Access marketing tools and training to drive more effective results
  • Gain business development resources to generate new growth
  • Benefit from leadership opportunities, training, and skills to build your career and your firm’s business
  • Amplify your influence with your marketing team and firm to create more business opportunities

And when you join SMPS as a new member,  you’ll receive over $750 in resources to kick-start your membership.

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How to Redeem Your Complimentary Resources

The details on how to redeem your complimentary resources will be sent to you in an email from SMPS Member Services within a few days of joining. If you need assistance locating or redeeming your resources, please reach out to

SMPS is here to help you build your network, sharpen your skills, gain leadership opportunities, and grow your firm.