Membership FAQs

Here we've gathered the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding SMPS membership.

Q: How much are the membership dues to join SMPS?

A: The cost to join SMPS is $399 for a 12-month membership. This cost includes membership in one chapter of your choice. The annual dues for continuing your membership is $399, as well. Visit the SMPS Join page to sign up now.


Q: Is membership with SMPS based on an anniversary or annual date?

A: Membership with SMPS is based on your anniversary date. Please contact to confirm your anniversary or expiration date.


Q: How do I get my username and password for and MySMPS?

A: The morning after you join SMPS, you’ll receive a welcome email with your login credentials.  If, after that, you’d like to obtain your username or change your password, please visit the login page at, where underneath the blue login button, you’ll find a link stating Forgot Your Login? After clicking the link, please include the requested information and select Submit. SMPS HQ staff will be notified and your login credentials will be sent to the email address you provided.

The email response may go to your spam folder or junk mail, so please check if the email hasn’t arrived in your inbox within a few minutes of you sending the request. Please contact SMPS HQ at 703.549.6117 or for assistance during business hours.


Q: How do I update my contact information?

A: Please log in to your member profile. (If you need your login information, please click Forgot Your Login and follow the instructions.) Under the section for Member Profile, go to the area called Contact Information. Click the edit button and update your information.


Q: My membership has expired and lapsed, and I’m interested in returning to SMPS. How do I reinstate my membership?

A: Please log in to your profile to update your contact information, e-mail address, and firm name. Once your contact information is updated, visit the SMPS Reinstatement page to begin the process of reinstating your membership and returning as a member of SMPS. Please contact for additional assistance.


Q: Can an SMPS membership be transferred?

A: Yes, an SMPS membership may be transferred to another individual in the firm that paid for the membership. The membership will be good through the original expiration date and may only be transferred by the firm that paid for the membership. The membership essentially “splits.” The individual who left the firm may continue their membership through the original expiration date as well.

To transfer an SMPS membership, please complete the SMPS Transfer Membership Form. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. Once processed, the individual receiving the membership will receive a confirmation receipt, and then an official welcome email the following day.


Q: May I join two SMPS chapters?

A: An SMPS member may only be affiliated with one SMPS chapter. However, an active member may be able to attend events at any SMPS chapter at the membership rate, except when special event restrictions are set in place by a chapter. We suggest contacting the chapter hosting the event to ensure member-discount pricing is available for the event.


Q: How do I access the membership directory?

A: The SMPS Member Directory can be found on MySMPS under the Directory tab. Members must log in using their login credentials to view the directory. The Basic Search option lets you search the directory for other members by using first name, last name, company name, or email address.

You can choose to do an Advanced Search, which gives you access to more detailed search criteria including location, chapter, firm’s primary discipline, company services, firm size, and more.


Q: Does SMPS provide member email addresses to third-party vendors?

A: SMPS does not provide member e-mail addresses to third-party vendors. However, SMPS may send out an occasional e-mail on a third party’s behalf. In addition, third-party vendors may sometimes send e-mails on our behalf to people who are not on the SMPS list. In these instances, SMPS does not have access to the third party’s e-mail addresses and recipients will not be added to the SMPS list.


Q: How do I change my community subscriptions (email settings) in MySMPS?

A: Within MySMPS, click your profile image at the top right of the page to go to your MySMPS profile. Locate and click the My Account tab and choose Community Notifications. All subscribed communities and their notification settings will be accessible to update.


Q: Where can I access the SMPS W-9 form?

A: To receive the most recent W-9 form, please contact our Finance team at


Q: Where can I find more information about the SMPS annual conference, Amplify A|E|C?

A: Relevant and updated information about Amplify A|E|C  can be found at For information on all of our professional development opportunities, please visit our learning page.


If  you find you have additional questions or need assistance, please reach out to