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A Virtual Experience for Marketing Leaders.

Thank you for attending The Pinnacle+ Experience 2020!

The 2020 virtual symposium was approved for 8 continuing education units (CEUs) for the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) Program.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
11 a.m.–4 p.m., EDT

Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Fighting for tomorrow: How to build a brand for the future that’s coming.

Brian Collins is chief creative officer of COLLINS, an independent strategy and experience design company in San Francisco and New York City. In their work, they aim to mix imagination, craft, and technology to build brands that can’t be ignored. They were named by Forbes as one of the companies reshaping the future of brand building.

The firm has won every major creative award. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Businessweek, Creativity, Fortune, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News and Fast Company, which named Brian an American Master of Design. For ten years prior to the founding of COLLINS, Brian was Chief Creative Officer of the brand and innovation division of Ogilvy. COLLINS was the first design company to appear on the AdAge A-List and was awarded their Design Agency of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

Stef Nimmegeers Dries Vaesen

Stef Nimmegeers & Dries Vaesen

Solve Anything in 4 Days

In this session, Stef & Dries will uncover their process for answering crucial questions through prototyping interesting ideas with customers. It’s the greatest hits of business strategy, innovation, behavioral science, design, and more packaged into a step-by-step process that any team can use.

Participants will learn the following key objectives:

  • How can I kickstart innovation without spending tons of money?
  • How do I align teams on solving the right strategic challenges?
  • How can I be certain that I’m working on the right thing?
  • How can I launch a product, service, or idea within weeks, not months?
  • How do I involve customers from the start?

About Stef Nimmegeers

Stef has always been drawn to the human aspect of business and digital products across industries, and how they impact our lives. With that in mind, building and delivering high-quality, habit-forming digital experiences that allow businesses to grow, has become his top priority. Bothrs, the experience design studio he’d co-founded, breathes that same mindset: cultivating change, encouraging innovation, and most of all, making corporates work and think like start-ups again.

About Dries Vaesen

Dries is the lead sprint facilitator at Bothrs. Alongside a multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, and strategists. He collaborates with large corporations to build new ventures by rapid experimentation, and he teams up and coaches startup teams to get from 0 to 1 and beyond. He strongly advocates for human-centered design principles and the business value of design and is consistently curious about how the future of work and creative collaboration will look like.

Krista Trofka

Krista Trofka

Virtual Chameleon: Mastering Responsive Interviews

With the cancellation of in-person conferences, slow down of the client lunch, and fewer opportunities to build relationships in person, we’re all learning to pivot when building relationships and our businesses. Fundamental to that pivot is one thing: Zoom.

In addition to our teams, video-based communication is a critical component of our success as A/E/C professionals. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, technocrat or technophobe,  your ability to master this new mode of communication is critical– not only to impact, influence, and motivate your teams, but your firm’s ability to win projects.

In this session, we’ll focus on mastering the video-based interviews. This isn’t just a simple do and don’t guide. In this engaging and interactive keynote, you’ll learn the following key objectives:

  • How to become innovative with video to stand out from the competition
  • How to coach your teams to make authentic connections with their audience, especially when the audience is reluctant to engage
  • A no-fuss guide to mastering the technical aspects of video to ace the first impression

About Krista Trofka

Krista Trofka is a keynote speaker and consultant who works with A/E/C professionals to deliver authentic presentations that win complex, high-profile pursuits. And her experience shows–in 2019, she had a 100% win rate. Her coaching approach combines her experience delivering projects as an owner’s representative, insight backed by neuroscience, and educational best practices to coach others that creates real results. She focuses on winning performances that require you to find what makes you unique while fostering skills to grow your confidence and connection with the audience.

Todd Henry

Todd Henry

Be the creative leader that people need

Leading highly creative people, who are doing highly creative work, is a difficult challenge. However, the upside to getting it right is huge. In this presentation, Todd Henry shares the core things talented, creative people need from every leader, and the common places where leaders unknowingly fail to provide them. He’ll also enlighten us with the handful of conversations, practices, and rituals that can set you and your team up to do its best work every day.

Participants will learn the following key objectives:

  • Why every team needs stability and challenge and how to diagnose which your team needs more of
  • The three ways that leaders forfeit trust and don’t even know it
  • How to establish a leadership philosophy that builds clarity and trust
  • How to shape and prune your culture and create an environment that talented people love to work in
  • Why most brainstorming sessions are ineffective and how to do them differently

About Todd Henry

Todd Henry teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. He’s the author of five books (The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, Louder Than Words, Herding Tigers, The Motivation Code) which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he speaks and consults across dozens of industries on creativity, leadership, and passion for work. With millions of downloads, his podcast The Accidental Creative offers weekly tips on how to stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy. Todd’s book Die Empty was named by as one of the best business books of 2013.

And his book Herding Tigers, is a practical guide for any manager charged with leading their team to creative brilliance.

Thursday, September 17, 2020
11 a.m.–4 p.m., EDT

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis

The Loyalty Loop: How small things add up to big business

We spend a lot of time telling our clients how we’re different from our competitors. It’s time to stop telling and instead start showing—by treating your loyal clients as your most valuable asset.

The Loyalty Loop leverages your existing clients to drive a steady stream of highly valuable, high-margin, new business.

In this exhilarating, hour-long keynote address, bestselling author and marketing guru Andrew Davis will help you harness the power of the new consumer experience. You’ll learn how to build anticipation, harness the honeymoon period, and drive inspirational moments that result in new business. You’ll leave inspired to rethink the way you win over new clients and transform the way you service the customers you already own.

About Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is a bestselling author and keynote speaker. Before building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, Andrew produced for NBC and worked for The Muppets. He’s appeared in the New York Times and on the Today Show. He’s crafted documentary films and award-winning content for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands. Today, Andrew Davis teaches business leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, and leave their legacy.

Garrett Mintz

Garrett Mintz

From Drug Dealer to CEO

Who do you go to when you don’t know the answers? Are you being vulnerable or are you hedging? Do you feel like you need to uphold this status as being the knower of all answers for your team?

From Drug Dealer to CEO is the story about how Garrett Mintz learned how to embrace vulnerability and help other executives embrace vulnerability to become better leaders, build stronger cultures and be better mentors.

  • How to be a more vulnerable leader through intentional practice
  • How to build a stronger culture through shared mistakes
  • How to be a better mentor by asking questions

About Garrett Mintz

Garrett Mintz is the founder of Ambition In Motion, a company that helps teams and executives communicate better through horizontal mentorship. Garrett helps companies avoid their best people leaving and executives avoid wasted time and stress by building mentoring connections that last, are productive, and are vulnerable.

Douglas Davis

Douglas Davis

Systems Thinking & Creative Strategy

Leading is both a verb and a posture. Now that every institution, brand, and business model has been thrown into disarray, now’s the time to help your clients pivot. Creatives have always had to be agile in the face of unclearly defined problems, scope changes from clients, and competitive dynamics. This session will identify the role of a creative in an environmental shift that requires decentralized decision-making, knowledge of forecasting, and operational knowhow to design new systems. Though everything is changing, you’ll still be expected to answer client problems with creativity that’s on brand, on strategy, and on message.

During this session, participants will learn:

  • The three levels that an organization can benefit from creative influence
  • Process mapping and analysis resources
  • How to spot what should factor into recommendations when everything is shifting

About Douglas Davis

Brooklyn-based Douglas Davis enjoys being one of the variety of voices needed behind the concept, marketing plan, or digital strategy. As author of Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, Douglas regularly contributes to the design discourse. Currently, he’s chair of the Emmy award-winning B.F.A. in Communication Design program at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn and serves on the advisory boards of the University of Oregon’s Masters in Advertising and Brand Responsibility and City College’s Masters in Branding and Integrated Communications.

Judi Holler

Judi Holler

Embracing fear to kick self doubt

This session is designed to encourage participants to get more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. During the presentation, participants will discover how to navigate change, manage fear, take more risks, and understand what it really takes to be brave.

Participants will take away the following:

  • Five mindset shifts required for managing discomfort
  • The secret to becoming failure-proof
  • Tools to help you take action and empower your team
  • A sneak peek into the world of improv theatre
  • The No. 1way to take more risks without fearing failure
  • Creative ways to stay relevant and sell more

About Judi Holler

Judi Holler is a professionally trained improviser and alumni of Second City’s Conservatory in Chicago. She uses her training every day to smash self-doubt and experiment with fear.

Judi’s book, Fear Is My Homeboy, became an instant bestseller on Amazon and was endorsed by the inspiring Mel Robbins who called it “relatable, relevant and most importantly actionable.”

Additionally, Judi is the creator of the Fear Boss Community, a community dedicated to experimenting with fear, and she has a brand-new podcast called The #FearBoss Show.

Suggested Reading

Judi Holler

Stacy Stout

The Pinnacle+ Experience Provocateur

Your brand is everything. That’s Stacy’s mantra, and she’s stickin’ to it. She’s an expert at helping businesses share their story in the marketplace and how to live their brand consistently in everything they do. When she’s not engulfed in brand messaging and marketing strategy, she fills her time hanging with her kids (“they’re super cool people!”), enjoying cocktails with friends, and being walked by her two big-as-bears, but cuddly-as-teddy-bears Bernese Mountain dogs.

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