Renew Your CPSM Credentials

Renewing your Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) demonstrates your commitment to strengthening your knowledge and skills, while staying competitive in your profession and industry.

How to Know When It’s Time to Recertify

All CPSMs must renew certification every three years. To fulfill this requirement, you must earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by December 31, every third year after your official certification date. For example, if you were originally certified in 2013, you must be recertified by December 31, 2016, then again by December 31, 2019. Credits earned in one three-year certification cycle may not be carried forward to another three-year cycle. One continuing education unit (CEU) is awarded for each contact hour of instruction. You can easily track credits earned online. Just follow the steps below in the section called “How to Keep Track of Your CEUs”.

In keeping with the high standards of the certification program, CPSMs are required to accumulate a minimum of 50 CEUs over a three-year period.


The Recertification Process
  1. Attend educational programs related to the knowledge and skill sets outlined in the SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers to earn 50 continuing education units.
  2. Complete and submit your CEU documentation to SMPS headquarters via mail, fax (703.549.2498) or email ( to confirm attendance.
  3. Submit your Recertification Application every three years. See Certification Renewal Information.

How to Request Credit

  • Program Attendance – If you attended a program in which you earned credit, download and complete the  CEU Documentation Form and send it to Remember, credits earned from attending SMPS Headquarters, SMPS chapter programs, or SMPS regional conferences will be reported directly by the organizing body.
  • If you are leading a chapter program and have multiple attendees, please use the Chapter CEU Documentation Form.
  • Speaking/Moderating at an Educational Event – If you were a speaker or moderated a session at a conference or chapter event, download and complete the Speaking Documentation Form and send to
  • Writing – If you wrote a qualifying article, download and complete the Writing Documentation Form and send to
  • Reading Articles in Marketer – To receive credit for reading a designated article in Marketer, find the corresponding questions in the MySMPS CPSM Community ( and send to

Continuing Education Credits

One continuing education unit (CEU) is awarded for each contact hour of instruction. A contact hour is defined as one hour of interaction between a learner and an instructor. For purposes of calculating CEUs, breaks, meals, and social/networking time cannot be included in the contact time.

A function with less than one hour of contact time is not eligible for CEUs. For functions with more than one hour of contact time, the minimum increment of contact time eligible for CEUs is 15 minutes, which cannot be rounded up to the next greatest interval. A presentation during a meal function can be counted for the length of the presentation only. Meeting time devoted to business and committee activities cannot be counted.

How Credits Are Reported

SMPS Programs:

If you attended a program hosted by SMPS Headquarters (Build Business, workshop, webinar), your credits will automatically be added to your transcript.

SMPS Chapter Programs and Regional Conferences:

If you attended an SMPS chapter program or SMPS regional conference, the host is responsible for submitting your attendance to SMPS Headquarters. If a program you attended does not appear on your transcript, please contact the host chapter or regional conference planning committee.

Non-SMPS Programs:

CPSMs must self-report credits earned at other organization events (AMA, AIA, etc.). Submit proof of attendance with supporting documentation. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to be approved and applied to your transcript.

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