CPSM Immersion Program

CPSM Immersion Program

Preparing for professional certification is all about using the right tools and techniques. With the CPSM Immersion Program, we’ll help you prepare for the CPSM exam through a comprehensive study group.

The 2019 CPSM Immersion Program Is On Hold

The CPSM Immersion Program starts off with a three-day, in-person course that offers an intensive review of the SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers, which form the foundation of the CPSM designation. That’s followed by a 90-day virtual study program.


CPSM Immersion Program includes:
  • A three-day immersion course
  • A 90-day study program that includes virtual assignments and instructor time
  • Faculty office hours during monthly webinars for Q&A, discussion, and feedback
  • Practice tests based on the SMPS Domains of Practice
  • Study halls, which provide virtual access to and guidance from CPSMs
  • A virtual forum to post questions through an interactive online community
  • A copy of the CPSM Study Guide
  • New study tools and materials—and an online resource library for each of the six domains
Attendees learn how to:
  • Plan for, study, and prepare to take the CPSM exam
  • Assess their knowledge of content areas within the SMPS Domains of Practice
  • Identify general topics and comprehend key areas covered on the CPSM exam
  • Answer complex questions found on the CPSM exam
  • Gain insight into professional services marketing and business development

The 2019 program is on hold.

How much does it cost?


Early Bird Rate**
Regular Rate
SMPS members $495.00 $595.00
Non members $595.00 $695.00


**Early Bird Rate Deadline TBD.

Sample Agenda

Day 1:

Noon–1 pm: Registration
1 pm–4:15 pm
(A 15-minute break is included.)

I: Marketing Research

  • Types of Research
  • Marketing & Sales ROI
  • Surveys – Types and effectiveness of each
  • Forecasting – How and Why

II: Strategic/Business/Marketing Planning

  • Strategic Plan
  • Marketing Business Plan
  • Budgeting Method
  • Risk Management – Prediction Maps, Scenario Planning


Day 2:

7:30-8 am: Registration and Breakfast
8 am–4:15 pm
(A 15-minute break and one-hour lunch is included.)

III: Client & Business Development

  • Business Development Planning
  • Networking and Client Contact
  • Special Considerations Q&A/Wrap Up

IV: Proposals

  • Pre-Response
  • Proposals
  • Presentations


Day 3:

7:30–8 am: Registration and Breakfast
8 am–2 pm
(A 15-minute break and one-hour lunch are included.)

V: Promotional Activity

  • Brand vs. Trademark
  • Strategy
  • Planning

VI: Management

  • Managing People
  • Managing Systems
  • Managing a BD/Marketing Culture

Post-Workshop Assessment

CPSM Study Groups

What if I’m studying and I’m stuck. What should I do?

Reach out for help by joining a study group near you.

SMPS Atlanta Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Barb Hicks, CPSM, (508) 517-8883

SMPS Austin Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Erin Bettison Rapp, CPSM/Lacey Proffitt, CPSM, (512) 997-5199/(512) 294-3916
ErinBettison@beckgroup.com / LaceyProffitt@eeace.com

SMPS Boston Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Hilary Nieukirk, CPSM, (617) 622-7246

SMPS Central Florida Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Ashley Shaw/Robin Apelado, 407-547-3019/407-332-5110
anshaw@hntb.com / rapelado@ociassociates.com

SMPS Colorado Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Christine Clippinger, CPSM/Jessica Nichols, CPSM, (303) 867-7652/(303) 345-2856
christine.clippinger@lrewater.com / Jessica.nichols@pinkardcc.com

SMPS Kansas City Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Ciara Reid/Tiffany Cartwright, CPSM, (816) 559-3811/(816) 701-2110
creid@louisberger.com / tcartwright@walterpmoore.com

SMPS Los Angeles Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Jodi Espinoza, CPSM, 310.254.3640

SMPS Orange County Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Keelin Cox, (760) 277-1133

SMPS Sacramento Chapter

Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Megan Blackwell, CPSM, (916) 441-6870

SMPS San Francisco Chapter
Meeting in Spring/Summer 2018
Vanessa Pelletier, CPSM, (415) 434-0320

SMPS Seattle Chapter
Monthly & Quarterly Study Groups Ongoing
Brandon S. Peters, CPSM, (360) 244-4544

SMPS Washington, DC Chapter
Meeting in Winter/Spring 2018
Jen McGovern, CPSM, 571.389.8171

To learn more or to join a group, please contact the individual listed below the group name.