Lead by Example and Learn From Others

May 19, 2023

Whoever said we have a lot to learn was right! For me, it’s a never-ending (and lifelong) process that happens in various ways—often from colleagues during brainstorming sessions or peers I’ve met while traveling. Another way is through professional development.

Great leaders model the way, and I’m proud to work for an organization that makes lifelong learning a priority. SMPS encourages HQ staff to participate in educational programming throughout year, whether through online courses, certification programs, or a conference they’d like to attend.

Gaining knowledge and skills keeps you growing, increases confidence, and can even inspire someone when you share your experiences. And that’s what we always keep in mind when curating SMPS experiences. But we also know it’s an investment. For example, at Amplify A|E|C this August, we made sure to plan educational sessions that will benefit not only attendees but their firms.

Lifelong learning starts with you—and, in my opinion, does best with encouragement and support. So, I hope you’ll spend time finding programs that fit your goals. And if you haven’t checked out our conference yet, please consider the opportunity to engage, level up, and amplify your leadership. Because representation matters—and representation in person makes a difference. For those attending, we can’t wait to see you! After the experience, let us know which sessions you enjoyed and learned from the most.


Until next time,


Marci D. Thompson, DES
SMPS Chief Strategy Officer