Who Should Join?

Who are you?

Business Development

In today’s modern A/E/C firms, the lines between Business Development and Marketing are often blurred. SMPS gives you the knowledge and tools to build your brand and your client list.

Firm Leaders

SMPS membership is an investment, not an expense. Where you can share best practices with other firms around the country and leverage the latest marketing techniques to propel your firm forward.

Human Resources

The battle for talent in the professional services world is more competitive than ever. SMPS provides valuable research and certifications that keep you in the know and ahead of the curve.


Whether you’re a marketing staff of one or a marketing department of many, SMPS helps you connect with like-minded professionals who share common goals and responsibilities.


Colleges tend to focus on product advertising and not service marketing. SMPS fills the void and provides instruction for students who recognize the value (and job opportunities) available in A/E/C.

Resources for You