About the Ron Garikes Student Scholarship

2016 Garikes Scholarship Application is Now Available

The SMPS Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications from eligible students majoring in marketing, communications, or public relations who are planning a career in professional services marketing in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. One outstanding scholar will be selected this summer to receive a $2,500 scholarship award to be used toward academic expenses.

Eligibility requirements include:

1.    My college or university is located in the United States and its accreditation is accepted by the Council on Higher Education.
2.    I am either a student currently enrolled in a four-year bachelor degree program (any year), a second-year student in an associate degree program, or a graduate student.
3.    I am pursuing a degree granting program in marketing, public relations, and/or communications.
4.    I am currently enrolled in at least 12 credit hours of undergraduate or 6 credit hours of graduate coursework.
5.    I currently have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
6.    I have two letters of recommendation: one from my academic advisor or a professor in the degree program in which I am enrolled, and the second from a person who can speak to my passion about my major and/or professional services marketing.
7.    I have not previously received any scholarship award from the SMPS Foundation or more than one scholarship award from any SMPS chapter.

Learn more by visiting the scholarship application form. As part of the application process, applicants will need to prepare a 500-word essay, provide a copy of their college transcripts, and submit two letters of reference.

Applications must be completed and submitted by 5 p.m. ET on May 31, 2016.

Please contact Molly Dall'Erta, SMPS Foundation Staff Liaison, at 800.292.7677, ext. 231, or molly@smps.org.


2015 Scholarship Recipient Announced

 David ScarmanaThe Society for Marketing Professional Services Foundation (SMPS Foundation) is pleased to announce it has awarded the 2015 Ron Garikes Student Scholarship to David J. Scarmana, of Richmond Heights, MO.  Scarmana, a fourth-year student at Fontbonne University, is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in business administration with an anticipated graduation date of December 2015.

Scarmana received a $2,500 scholarship from the SMPS Foundation to assist with tuition and books for his final semester. Scarmana shared, "I couldn't have been more excited when I was notified about the scholarship. In just a year's time, I fully immersed myself in SMPS. I, along with Chris Oakes, helped charter the SMPS student chapter at Fontbonne University. I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities I've received from SMPS, and I look forward to being able to share my experiences with other students."

The SMPS Foundation trustees reviewing the scholarship applications indicated that Scarmana was selected as the 2015 recipient because he “demonstrated a commitment to the A/E/C profession and organization while still in college, through involvement in making a student chapter of SMPS a reality. He has already utilized the educational programming from SMPS to advance his knowledge base. Because of SMPS, he now knows what he wants to do upon graduation after working part time for an architectural practice and as a result of his involvement in a society student chapter.”


2014 Scholarship Recipient Announced in San Antonio during Build Business

Malory AtkinsonThe Society for Marketing Professional Services Foundation is pleased to announce it has awarded the 2014 Ron Garikes Student scholarship to Malory Atkinson, CPSM, LEED GA, of Atlanta, GA. Atkinson received a $2,500 scholarship from the Foundation to assist with tuition and books for the coming semester.

Atkinson is pursuing a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Georgia State University with an expected graduation date of May 2015. She also works full time as business development manager for Foresite Group Inc. (www.fg-inc.net), located in Norcross, GA. In her application, Atkinson shared how a course she had taken on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) “opened my eyes to the true value and impact of marketing.” She went on to say, “This CRM course taught me that marketing goes far beyond proposals and is ultimately the process of identifying, targeting, and strategizing to both acquire and retain profitable clients.”

The trustees reviewing the applications and awarding the scholarship indicated that Atkinson has been active in the industry, has served in several committee positions for SMPS Atlanta (www.smpsatl.org) including two years as treasurer. The trustees also commented that Atkinson focuses on using marketing to drive business and is learning strategies from real-world data.



2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced During SMPS Conference

The Foundation of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is pleased to announce it has awarded two $1,000 Ron Garikes Student scholarships. The recipients are Nicole Allen of Portland, OR, and Quinn Texmo of Omaha, NE.

Nicole Allen is a full-time graduate student pursuing a degree in strategic communications at the University of Oregon. She is also employed full-time as marketing manager for SRG Partnership (www.srgpartnership.com), a full-service architecture firm with offices in Portland and Seattle. In her scholarship application essay, Allen revealed, “Ever since I chose to study landscape architecture 15 years ago, I have been committed to making the world a better place through design. Little did I know—I would be most fulfilled and effective…as a marketer of design. I am interested in this career and industry because it is the intersection of my two passions: a desire to propagate the world with spaces that improve quality of life for their users and an innate penchant for strategic communication.”

Quinn Texmo is a graduate student pursuing a degree in communications at the University of Nebraska Omaha; she expects to graduate in May 2014. Texmo revealed, “I was introduced to the field of professional services marketing through a special honors marketing course where 12 students were split into three teams to create a marketing and promotional campaign for a local construction company. My team was selected as the winning team and the company implemented our plan. I can still remember the first time I drove past one of their construction sites and saw my design on a trailer-sized banner. It was at that moment, when I was bursting with pride, I knew I had figured out what I was meant to do.”

Texmo is currently spearheading an effort with SMPS Nebraska (www.smpsnebraska.org) to launch a student/professional mentoring program at the University of Nebraska which will allow SMPS members to mentor marketing students.

Allen and Texmo each received $1,000 from the SMPS Foundation to be used toward their educational expenses. Information on the 2014 Ron Garikes Student Scholarship will be available at www.smpsfoundation.org in April.

2012 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Congratulations to the 2012 Ron Garikes Student Scholarship winner Diane Kistler from Cudahy, WI.

Kistler is a graduate student pursuing a degree in communication, advertising, and public relations at Marquette University; she expects to graduate in May 2013. She is a student member of SMPS Wisconsin where she attends monthly chapter events in the Milwaukee area and is involved in the chapter’s mentor/protégé program. As a protégé, Kistler has been involved in the preparation of a proposal presentation by her mentor at a local construction firm. “I look forward to more learning experiences like that throughout the year,” says Kistler.

Kistler received her undergraduate degree in architecture and realized during her studies that “the most exhilarating part of working on an architecture project was the chance to present my final project at the end of the semester. I enjoyed creating a graphic and verbal presentation that supported my work. Then it dawned on me that someone does this for a living all the time! I want to be that person for an architecture firm.”

Kistler will receive $1,500 from the SMPS Foundation to be used towards her educational expenses. 

Information on the 2013 Ron Garikes Student Scholarship will be available here in Spring 2013.

2011 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the 2011 Ron Garikes Student Scholarship winners: Elena de Verteuil and Jennifer Paucke! Both of this year’s winners are entering their junior year in college, have interned in A/E/C firms, and intend to pursue careers in professional services marketing (a requirement of the Garikes scholarship). 

Elena de Verteuil is pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Miami University located in Oxford, OH. She is a student member of SMPS Columbus. de Verteuil said, “My involvement in SMPS Columbus' Student Membership Program and associated chapter networking events led to a summer internship with Resource International, Inc., where I gained valuable experience in the A/E/C marketing industry. While working, I assisted with proposal and qualifications packages, created marketing materials and leave-behinds for interviews, and organized employee project interviews.”

Jennifer Paucke is pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing and Technical Communication at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA.  She recently interned with Foresite Group, a civil engineering firm, where she worked in the marketing department. There Paucke enjoyed designing graphics, client materials, and templates. She excelled in her internship by taking initiative, going above and beyond what she was asked to do, and applying what she learned in class to this real-world experience.

De Verteuil and Paucke each received $1,500 from the SMPS Foundation to be used towards their educational expenses.


For more information

Contact Molly Dall'Erta, SMPS Foundation Staff Liaison, at 1.800.292.7677 or 1.703.549.6117, x231, or molly@smps.org.