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Dear Friends,

It is an amazing year for the SMPS Foundation, and this is due to your support. The foundation is here to serve our members and member firms, and as president, I am proud to share our accomplishments this year.

1. Raised awareness of the SMPS Foundation’s purpose: a non-profit organization that focuses on providing industry- and professional-related research.
2. Received more than $40,000 in donations during the recent fiscal year, and a generous donation this fall of $20,000 from the Society’s very first member, totaling $60,000—all of which enables us to move forward with research projects.
3. Published a report called “Pull Marketing in Action”, which is available as a free download from the SMPS website.
4. Started a new research project through the Text2Give initiative, which allows our members to directly choose research topics.

We owe all of the foundation’s success to our volunteers and donors. In the coming year, you will learn more about our current research project: Understanding the Neuroscience Behind Client Decision-Making and How It Can Be Applied to Marketing and Business Development. Within the built environment, our clients, both public and private, are responsible for making decisions regarding which companies will design and build their projects. As the market becomes more competitive, we seek research that will enlighten us regarding their decision-making process.

You will also learn more about our future research topics. Each one of you can play a part in determining what our focused research topics will be. There will be opportunities to engage with the SMPS Foundation, and I welcome you to reach out to me or any of the SMPS Foundation board of trustees to share your thoughts about topics and projects that you feel would be valuable to you and your firm.

To continue our significant work, I invite you to join me in making a year-end, tax-deductible* donation to the SMPS Foundation. Your support will directly contribute to the development of future initiatives that support our industry and professionals like you.

Here are three ways to make a contribution:
1) Text2Give: To participate, text “give” to 1-703-991-6181 and follow the prompts.
2) Renewal: When you receive your annual SMPS membership dues renewal, simply enter the amount and hit Submit Donation to make a contribution to the SMPS Foundation. Corporate credit cards are accepted and we will provide a receipt.
3) Online: Visit the SMPS Foundation webpage and support the foundation by making a donation.

Again, we are excited about the future of SMPS and the SMPS Foundation. We hope to work together to advance our vision of Business Transformed Through Marketing Leadership.

Thank you for your continued support. Happy Holidays and all the best for a successful New Year.


Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM
SMPS Foundation President

*Tax deductibility applies to U.S. citizens only.

SMPS Foundation President Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM, is principal at Champlin Architecture. She can be reached at [email protected] or 513.241.4474, x116. Follow her on Twitter @melissalutz.

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