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Research and white papers from the SMPS Foundation.

Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, the SMPS Foundation regularly produces research reports, white papers, books, and other publications. Here you will find our most popular and recent additions to our work. All of our publications can be found here.

Pull Marketing in Action: How A/E/C Clients Use Websites to Find and Vet Service Providers (2017)

As the need to sell professional services continues to grow, it is important to look at how various marketing tools and strategies work most effectively to help potential consumers find professional service providers. This particular study focuses on one subset of the professional and business services supersector, the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industries, and on one particular marketing tool—the firm’s website.

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Measuring for Success: A Look at Hit Rates & Other KPIs in the A/E/C Industries (2016)

2016-hit-rates_v17-1The report examines the tools and processes companies in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries use to track their success with winning projects.

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Want more on hit rates? View the free webinar recording based off of the report findings presented by Michelle Yates, APR, CPSM, and Holly Bolton, FSMPS, CPSM.

Fellows Survey Report (2016)

2016 Fellow Survey coverThe 2016 Fellows Survey report is the first publication in the Informed Strategies series from the SMPS Foundation. It reflects trends and predictions from some of the design and building industry’s most insightful and experienced individuals.

The 2016 Fellows Survey report recaps challenges, trends, and predictions in the A/E/C industry. The content is based on survey results and in-depth interviews with SMPS Fellows, who are some of the design and building industry’s most experienced professionals.

SMPS Fellows were asked about several topics in four segments: Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Preparing for the Future, and Megatrends. The authors summarized 300 pages of research into 30, with several pages dedicated to conclusions, takeaways, and actions.

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Sell, Do, Win Business. A Report on How A/E/C Firms Are Using Staff to Win More Work (2015)

This report is the culmination of 2015 survey-based research, which provides the latest insight into how firms engage clients and attempt to win work.

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A/E/C Business Development: The Decade Ahead (2013)

Business development in the design and construction industry has become a highly specialized discipline. Those intimately involved with business development for professional service firms recognize that people hire people, and understanding the motives and motivations of those who purchase and sell architectural, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) professional services opens a portal to genuine success.

The SMPS Foundation conducted primary research to probe the behaviors of both buyers and sellers of A/E/C services. A team of almost 30 marketing and business development professionals—most of whom are Certified Professional Services Marketers (CPSM) or Fellows of SMPS—recently completed a year-long effort to research and analyze the current state of buying and selling and to identify key forces that will impact business development in the A/E/C industry in the coming decade. A/E/C BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The Decade Ahead documents the findings of this comprehensive research initiative.

The book offers an informative look at the future of the industry from the perspective of buyers and sellers. The findings and recommendations will aid professional services firms to enhance competitive advantage, deepen business development knowledge and skills, and plan strategically for the future.

A/E/C BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: The Decade Ahead is available in print and PDF (ready for immediate download) formats now. 

Read an article from the April 2013 Marketer to learn more about the book from Foundation Trustee Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM.

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