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CPSMs are marketing professionals who have what it takes to generate profitable business.

SMPS, the authority on marketing professional services, has published the Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers, which is the body of knowledge outlining the disciplines and skills required for successful professional services marketing. Through the SMPS certification program, an employer can be assured that their marketing professionals have what it takes to generate profitable business through demonstrated proficiency in the domains of practice.

Certification is a time-tested means of measuring a professional’s credentials. The CPSM sets the standard for all service-marketing professionals within the design and building industry. Because the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) designation is the model for excellence within the services marketing profession, qualifying for it demonstrates an employee’s pledge to excellence.

A CPSM on your staff brings many benefits to your organization:

  • A diverse background and skills to successfully develop meaningful project opportunities for the firm
  • Documented background and experience in marketing management to help plan the future growth and prosperity of the firm
  • Knowledge and experience to complete projects more effectively than their peers
  • Commitment to keeping abreast of the latest marketing trends
  • Increased professionalism

CPSMs are identified as the experts — professionals who have turned their knowledge into results for their companies. They’ve developed databases of qualified prospects, found the most creative ways to communicate with them, built the types of relationships that generate repeat business opportunities, and prepared proposals and presentations that win new business. CPSMs know how to find and deliver profitable business! Consequently, employers who hired CPSMs or support the certification of their employees can be confident that they employ the best-qualified professionals to build business for their firms.

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Contact Kevin Doyle, SMPS Headquarters, at 1.800.292.7677 or 1.703.549.6117, x232, or [email protected]

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