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N. Anthony Steinhardt, III, FSMPS, CPSM


RATIO Architects, Inc.


As one of RATIO’s principals, Tony Steinhardt provides leadership relative to strategic client development, and identifies and cultivates opportunities for diversification with the education, community, life sciences, workplace, lifestyle and cultural marketplaces nationally—all while facing a consistently challenging business landscape. Additionally, he has played an integral role in RATIO’s merger and acquisition activities including the firm’s mergers in 2006 and 2011. Most recently, he has directed RATIO’s strategic partnership with SMDP, LLC to leverage the firm’s design portfolio internationally throughout China, Korea, and Vietnam.

Steinhardt played an integral role in efforts to enhance RATIO’s internal business culture by realigning the firm’s management structure; streamlining processes for higher levels of efficiency; and ongoing efforts to maintain the strength of the RATIO brand.

Prior to joining RATIO in 1996, he worked for a civil engineering firm and in several appointed positions for city governments in Indiana. He is a former president of SMPS Indiana, is a former SMPS board member, became an SMPS Fellow in 2007, and is a past SMPS National Marketing Communications Award winner in the brochure, direct mail, and website categories. Steinhardt enjoys sharing and mentoring others in the industry and has spoken at a number of regional and national conferences, including Build Business, and currently is an instructor for the SMPS program, “Business Development for the A/E/C Industry.”

When he’s not collaborating with his team at RATIO, Steinhardt is very active in his community, serving on several community organization committees and boards including the Near North Development Group, the Boy Scouts of America and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Hilary and their two children Sydney and son Anthony.

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