Defining R2C

Defining Roadmap to Certification for the ideal learning experience.
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Defining R2C

Defining Roadmap to Certification for the ideal learning experience.

If there’s one thing that could unify the human race, a single cause that we could all rally around, it would obviously be hatred of standardized tests. Watch the news, read the headlines: The disdain is pretty universal. That’s why no one has volunteered to lead the “More standardized tests!” movement.

So you can imagine the joy Tiffany Konenkamp, CPSM, and I felt when Kevin Doyle and Marci Thompson from SMPS asked us to develop Roadmap to Certification, the first-ever training program for those tackling the CPSM exam. As long-time friends and two people who truly understood the value of achieving CPSM designation, we decided to accept the challenge.

We began to develop the course and quickly discovered that the resources were there.

Books, articles, and white papers spanning the body of knowledge were plentiful. The problem we had to solve was two-fold:

1) Where do we start?
2) How do we condense it all into a two-day workshop?

The solution came down to establishing some overarching themes early on that would go on to define the program:

1. Share knowledge, not answers. We weren’t going to teach the test. Rote memorization wouldn’t cut it. Our goal was to help participants understand how to reason through the test answers themselves and understand the why, not just the what.

2. Create value for the individual and their firm. It was important to provide attendees with knowledge and resources that didn’t just help them pass the exam, but helped them and their firms be more successful. Whenever possible, we needed to provide tangible takeaways that could be employed immediately.

3. Make it fun. The best learning happens when people are having fun (and Tiffany and I have never been ones to take ourselves too seriously anyways). So we decided there’d be no lecturing, no death by PowerPoint, none of that.

We wanted plenty of engagement, dialogue, and hands-on exercises to make it a great experience for everyone.

Defining Roadmap to Certification was the first step in the process to prepare for the ideal learning experience. In our next R2C post, Tiffany Konenkamp, CPSM, will share more about the R2C experience.


Defining R2C courtesy of Matt Frankel, CPSM, chief relationship builder, Speechworks.