Certification Advancement Assistance Program

CAA Program helps to support professional development.

Assistance Program for CPSMs Returns in 2017

Certification shows a commitment to best practices in professional services marketing. To help better manage costs associated with obtaining the CPSM designation, SMPS offers the Certification Advancement Assistance (CAA) Program. The CAA Program helps to support this critical component of professional development for individuals who may not be able to afford it. Five CAA scholarships will be granted each year, with the next five to be awarded in January 2017.  

What’s included?

Assistance is provided for initial certification for the following:

  • Exam Preparation: Applicants have the opportunity to select designated SMPS educational resources to help best prepare for the examination. You make pick any or all of the listed resources below:
  • Exam Fee Reimbursement: SMPS will reimburse the examination fee ($275) to CAA Program participants who pass the CPSM exam. To receive reimbursement, you must submit a copy of your score report or official certificate within 90 days of completing the exam.

Please note: Any certification materials purchased prior to applying for the CAA Program are not eligible for refund. The CAA Program is for initial certification; recertification assistance is not available at this time.

Who’s eligible to apply?

  • Individuals who have been members of SMPS for at least one full continuous year, without any lapses or interruptions, as of August 2016, may apply. Members who do not meet this criterion can apply in 2017 for assistance in 2018.
  • SMPS members who have no other financial support for certification are encouraged to apply.
  • SMPS members pursuing initial certification may apply for assistance.

Are there other eligibility requirements?

  • CAA Program applicants who apply this year for financial support in 2017 must be prepared to take the CPSM examination by August 31, 2017. No extensions will be granted after August 31, 2017. Applicants who take the exam prior to January 15, 2017, or after August 31, 2017, will be ineligible for reimbursement through the CAA Program.
  • Individuals must meet the eligibility criteria for testing described by SMPS and follow the online application process. See the CPSM Handbook for CPSM application information.

How do I apply?

Download the CAA application and apply by December 1, 2016. Please be sure to complete all sections of the form. Letters of support, résumés, or additional information are not required.

If selected, when will I be notified?

Recipients will be notified by email by January 15, 2017.

Whom should I contact for other questions?

Please contact Kevin Doyle at kevin@smps.org.

How is the program supported?

The program is funded entirely by SMPS.

How is the program coordinated?

The CAA program has been developed by SMPS and administrative support is provided by the education and certification department at SMPS headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

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