Celebrating all things certification during CPSM Week.

CPSM Week: January 29–February 2, 2018

CPSM Week is back and we’re upping the game!

Online from January 29–February 2, we’re celebrating all things certification during CPSM Week. This year, the theme is Up Your Game! Mark your calendar to take part in the fun and informative activities we have planned. Each day, we’ll focus on the benefits of being a CPSM and how CPSMs are upping their game in the society, at their firms, and beyond! And just like last year, we’ll have a video contest and announce the winners at the end of CPSM Week.

CPSM Recruitment Video Contest: The contest this year will be an SMPS Chapter video contest based on the best CPSM recruitment video with a deadline to submit the video of January 22. We are looking to the CPSMs and SMPS members at the chapters to explain to prospective candidates the importance of the CPSM.

Criteria: The video needs to follow the theme, “Up Your Game!” and explain why you should Up Your Game by becoming a CPSM. The video should be between 1-2 minutes in length. The video should be submitted in the name of the SMPS Chapter and should also include a one-page (no more than one page) promotional plan on how the chapter will spread the word about the CPSM program using their video. Prizes for best videos will be awarded to large, medium and small SMPS Chapters.

To get started:
1.    Email Kevin Doyle to let him know you’re participating in the contest.
2.    Talk to your local SMPS chapter leadership team about creating a video to help Up Your Game!
3.    Develop a 1-2 minute video that explains why you should Up Your Game by becoming a CPSM.
4.    Create a prominent location on your website to post your video. Include information for members on
how to become a CPSM including links to the SMPS certification page.
5.    Post your video on social media with the hashtag, #CPSMWeek2018, and share with SMPS Headquarters by January 22 so we can further promote the program and compile the videos to judge the contest.

The Best CPSM Recruitment Video Contest winner will receive:
•     A complimentary set of MARKENDIUM: The Essentials (books)
•     “Up Your Game!” trophy
•     A complimentary copy of A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals
•     A reception sponsored by SMPS Headquarters (up to a $200 value)

The 2018 CPSM Week Schedule:

Monday: SHARE. Share with everyone why you became a CPSM! Please post your photo with a quote or a video selfie on Facebook and other social media using the hashtag “#CPSMWeek2018”. We want everyone to know why you worked so hard to become a CPSM and why it is so important to you!

Tuesday: NOMINATE. Nominate a CPSM who you feel has Upped Their Game! Explain briefly on Twitter/Facebook how that certain special CPSM has Upped Their Game at their SMPS chapter, at their firm, or in the industry! Nominations will be tallied by Thursday and the CPSM with most votes will be featured in a spotlight on the SMPS website. Nominees get one vote for each Twitter “fav” or Facebook “like”. (Don’t forget to use the hashtag “#CPSMWeek2018”).

Wednesday: INSPIRE. Inspired by Hemingway’s famous six-word tale, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” the six-word story has served as a prompt asking creative people everywhere to convey a story or concept using only six words! This is a contest to see who can tell the most compelling six-word story. (IDEAS: What is the impact of the CPSM at your firm? What is the impact of the CPSM for you?) Special bonus points for the CPSM who can work the six SMPS Domains of Practice into their story! Just like the Tuesday nominee, the winning six-word story is the one that gets the most “likes” and “favs”. We’re looking for just six words, but those six words have to say a lot! (Again, don’t forget to use the hashtag “#CPSMWeek2018”)

Thursday: LEARN. SMPS will feature a webinar on Leadership: Upping Your Game. Hosted through GoToWebinar. Details to be announced!

Friday: WIN. Your nominee from Tuesday will be announced! The Six-Word-Story winner will be announced! The CPSM Recruitment Video Contest will be announced! Prizes, trophies and congratulatory hurrahs for all the winners!

Are you a CPSM? What about your friends and colleagues? Help us raise awareness about the program by spreading the word about CPSM Week and the benefits of earning the designation.

Remember the hashtag: #CPSMWeek2018. Check out CPSM stories—and share your own—by using this hashtag on Twitter during CPSM Week.

Reach out to SMPS certification manager Kevin Doyle at 800.292.7677, ext. 232.

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