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How Do I Prepare for the CPSM Examination?

SMPS recommends that candidates read the following materials in preparation for the CPSM examination.

Supplemental Reading:

The following resources can help you prepare for the CPSM examination:

The CPSM Application and Testing Process
The CPSM application and test administration process are managed by Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) for candidates who wish to take the CPSM examination. The CPSM examination is administered at PSI testing centers.

View this video for further details about the CPSM application and test administration process.

Who is PTC?
PTC has a vast experience overseeing credentialing and certification programs. They assisted SMPS in developing the updated SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketing in 2013. To get started, CPSM candidates visit the PTC website. From there, candidates may begin a new application by selecting the SMPS-CPSM examination from the menu.

Once I fill out the CPSM application with PTC, what happens next?
After your CPSM application and fee have been received by PTC, your application will be reviewed to determine eligibility. You will then be sent an Eligibility Notice by email to take the CPSM exam. The Eligibility Notice will indicate how to schedule your exam appointment at a PSI testing center. You’ll have one year from the date your application is approved to sit for the exam.

Who is PSI?

PSI has more than 60 years’ experience providing professional testing services. Once a CPSM candidate receive their Eligibility Notice from PTC, they will visit the PSI website to schedule an appointment to take the exam at a testing site that is convenient to them.

Is there a deadline to sit for the CPSM exam once I submit the application?

You’ll have one year from the date your application is approved to sit for the CPSM exam.

Where will I be able to take the CPSM exam?
You can take the exam at a PSI testing site most convenient to your location.

Will I still be able take the paper CPSM examination?
The CPSM exam is offered exclusively online at PSI testing centers.

What do I need to bring with me to the PSI testing center on exam day?

You must bring a paper copy of your Eligibility Notice from PTC and a current government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. The name on your Eligibility Notice must exactly match the name on your photo ID.

How long will it take to get my examination score?
Your score will be mailed to you within four weeks after completion of the CPSM exam.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my work experience as a professional services marketer/business developer have to be in the A/E/C industry?
The CPSM candidate’s work experience has to be in marketing or business development for a professional services firm, but it does not have to be in the A/E/C industry. As an example, if the candidate’s work history was with an accounting, legal or information technology firm, the work history will apply towards the candidate’s eligibility. College internships (paid or unpaid) also apply to a candidate’s work history as long as the job functions included marketing or business development.

Does a non-SMPS program earn CEUs towards recertification?
SMPS CEUs can be earned from SMPS and any other organizations that are committed to upholding the high standards of marketing education by offering programs encompassing the SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketing.

For additional questions, please contact Kevin Doyle, certification program manager, at 703.684.2271, or [email protected].

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