Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Conference and Platform Q&A:

Q: How do I access the Build Business 2020 virtual conference?
A: You should receive an invite via email from Cadmium, which gives you access and login information for the virtual conference platform. You can use the login information from the email to access the virtual conference platform.

Q: Will slides and handouts be made available per session?
A: Some sessions will include handouts and slides from their presentations, we encourage you to take notes and attend as many live sessions as possible to benefit from all the questions you can ask and engagement with other attendees. You can also bring the on-demand content back to your team and firm.

Q. Are the login credentials to the virtual conference Cadmium platform different than my SMPS member login credentials?
A. Yes, the login credentials for the Cadmium virtual conference platform are different from your SMPS member login credentials. Please refer to the email from that has your login credentials for the virtual conference platform.

Q: How long will the virtual event content be available?
A: All content will be available for 60 days after the event ends through Friday, December 11.

Q: What is the SMPS Code of Conduct?
A: SMPS has created a Code of Conduct for attendees and participants. Please read them here.

Q: What are live stream sessions?
A: These are sessions that are streaming live throughout each of the event days in real time. You can access the live stream sessions here. These sessions feature live Q&A with the presenters.

Q: How do I watch the live stream sessions:
A: Click the “Live Stream Sessions” tile on the screen and the video will appear automatically.

Q: What if I miss a session that was streaming on the Live Stream Session Channel? Can I watch it later?
A: Certain content will be made available to re-watch after the program concludes for sixty days following the live virtual conference. We encourage attendees to watch, participate, and engage in the livestream portion and overall live event as much as possible for a maximum learning experience.

Q: What are on-demand sessions?
A: These are the sessions that will be released and available at any time during the conference starting on the first day. They do not include interaction with the speakers but are valuable programs with lots of takeaways and handout materials. They will be available for on-demand viewing.

Q: How do I watch on-demand sessions?
A: Click the “Transformation Sessions” (On-Demand) tile on the main screen, click the title of the program, and click the button at the top labeled “Transformation Sessions” (On-Demand) video.

Q: How do I ask presenters questions about their on-demand sessions?
A: You can ask questions in two ways:
1. Click the “On-Demand Video” button, click the “Ask Question” button, and type your question.
2. Click the “Q&A button,” click the “Ask Question” button, and type your question.

Q: How do I see the answers to my questions about specific sessions?
A: Presenters and speakers will be answering questions in real time during most sessions, sometimes during the session, other times towards the end of the program. Please be sure to type your questions into the Q&A area of the screen.

Q: Will other attendees be able to see my submitted question?
A: Yes. The Q&A function for all sessions is public. Submitted questions and answers will be visible to all participants, so please be mindful when typing in questions during a session.

Q: When will presenters answer my questions?
A: We have asked presenters to make themselves available during their sessions to address and answer in real time any questions that may come up, our SMPS volunteer or staff member will share the question with the presenter verbally once a question is submitted. We have also asked presenters to check in to answer any questions received outside of the scheduled presentation time in case they are able to address and follow up on them.

Q: How can I view other programs such as Focus Forward, Hackathon, or Skills Acceleration Labs?
A: Click the tiles per session type you are trying to attend, so you can participate and watch the session live.

Q: Can I earn AIA/CES Learning Units (LUs) for attending the live sessions of the Build Business 2020: Pivot & Focus Virtual conference?
A: AIA members who attend Build Business 2020: Pivot & Focus can earn AIA/CES Learning Units (LUs) for any of the live sessions that are at least one hour in length. One (1) full LU will be awarded for a program that is one hour in length and after the first LU has been earned LUs will be awarded in 0.25 LU increments (1.0, x.25, x.5, and x.75, etc.). AIA/CES Learning Units will not be awarded for listening to archived/recorded sessions following the conclusion of Build Business 2020: Pivot & Focus. Please contact if you have any questions.

Q. How can I export my favorite sessions in my schedule in Cadmium?
A. Once you’re logged in, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your Cadmium profile, click on the drop-down “My Schedule,” then click on the drop-down “Export.”

Q. How do I keep track of my CPSM CEUs?
A. Please keep track of your CEUs for any live or recorded sessions for Build Business 2020: Pivot & Focus. As a reminder, your registration for Build Business 2020: Pivot & Focus includes 60 days of on-demand access to archived/recorded sessions (including the CPSM Forum) that you can review through Friday, December 11. Please click here to read the full CPSM CEU tracking instructions and here to download our CPSM CEU Tracking Form.

In-Person-To-Virtual Conference Q&A:

Q. I made hotel reservation(s) for the rescheduled Build Business October 2020 dates. Now that the conference has transitioned to a virtual experience, how do I cancel my reservations?

A. If you made reservations at the host hotel JW Marriott, you will be receiving an automatic cancellation email directly from the hotel. There is no additional action needed from you. Should you have specific questions regarding your reservation cancellation, please reach out to Sunshine Citko, group housing manager of the JW Marriott Austin, via email or phone: (512) 608-4175 or sunshine.citko@whitelodging.comSMPS is not responsible for the room block transfers or cancellations for specific needs. You will need to speak directly with Sunshine at the JW Marriott for any adjustments to your hotel reservations.

Q: I was looking forward to attending the in-person Build Business conference in October. Why is it now virtual?

A: The safety concerns for SMPS members, attendees, and staff prompted our decision to transition this conference to a virtual one.

With over 50 sessions and virtual events, we can’t wait for you to experience Build Business: Pivot & Focus. Here’s what’s in store:

  • Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, panels, hack-a-thons, MLive, and roundtables
  • Virtual business exchange and exhibit hall
  • Entertaining and active breaks between programming
  • Collaboration and conversation corners
  • Live speaker Q&A
  • Awards program
  • Peer-to-peer discussions
  • Wellness sessions