Build Business Experiences: Jeffrey Taub

April 7, 2021

Jeffrey Taub, FSMPS, CPSM, vice president of corporate marketing at AKRF, Inc., recently chatted with the Society about his role at AKRF and experience attending Build Business in 2020.

What’s a usual day like for you at your job? My days are long and pressure-packed but extremely gratifying. I often liken my role at AKRF to that of a free safety in football: see an opportunity and make a play. It’s an imperfect simile, but my days are unencumbered by typical proposal deadlines or management responsibilities. I enjoy the freedom of flexibility to work on corporate strategy, business development, visibility, publicity, branding, and other high-level needs as they arise.

What’s your favorite part of the job? I really love helping my colleagues succeed. It’s difficult to be an effective marketer in this industry without that generous and selfless spirit. Promoting the achievements of others and watching them earn well-deserved accolades has brought a lot of joy to my career.

What made you decide to attend Build Business 2020? Attending Build Business has been essential to my career growth since my first conference in New Orleans over fifteen years ago. While I cannot attend every year, Build Business has never failed to inform and inspire me. Attending Build Business was a clear priority for me and my company in order to be resilient and navigate last year’s tumultuous and transformative world affairs.

Was 2020 the first time you attended Build Business? If not, how many times have you been? I’ve attended Build Business in New Orleans, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. I’m fortunate to have worked for companies that recognize the importance of active SMPS participation.

What did you think of the virtual experience? The virtual conference was terrific. I’ll always favor in-person programs, but SMPS and its conference committee pulled off a remarkable feat coming up with an engaging digital platform, flexible schedule, and creative learning and networking opportunities under the most trying and unenviable of circumstances.

Did you have a favorite part of the conference? I found a lot of value in the presentations—particularly those on strategy, communications, and public relations—and enjoyed the sideline chat, which made for a more interactive experience. I’ve always benefited from the CPSM Forums held in previous years when attending Build Business as well.

What do you think you walked away with and could bring back to your firm to help with your job? There are moments during every Build Business when I feel inadequate as a professional marketer because others are doing such creative and insightful work with their firms, but then it fuels me to be more proactive, strategic, and daring in my work. That speaks volumes about the value of Build Business and this community of professional marketers who challenge each other to elevate the profession and make a lasting impact on the A/E/C industries.


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