Build Business Experiences: Cricket Robertson

May 20, 2021

Cricket Robertson, FSMPS, CPSM, director of corporate marketing & communications of Superior Construction, recently chatted with the Society about her role and experience attending Build Business in 2020.

What’s a usual day like for you at your job? One thing I love about my job is that no two days are the same. Being a department of one that serves a large company, I work on a variety of things from branding, recruiting, awards, website, external communications, pursuits, internal communications … to name a few. I am a marketer at heart and love telling our story in a way that creates opportunities for clients and employees to connect with us.

What’s another favorite part of the job? It’s hard to narrow that down to one. If I had to name just one, it would be working in construction. But my true passions are branding and communications. Branding is so much more than a logo, font, and colors—it’s the experience. Everything I do enhances the experience—both internally and externally.

What made you decide to attend Build Business 2020? I attended my first conference in 2011 in Chicago, and I haven’t missed a conference since. Build Business is one time of year I get to see some of my closest friends. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I was serving as the Certification Chair in 2020, and since I was responsible for the CPSM Forum, I supported the program as the moderator, among other things. Build Business 2020 was also my first conference as an SMPS Fellow, and I wanted to be sure to attend my first Fellows Forum.

What did you think of the 2020 virtual conference? It wasn’t the same as being in person, but I was impressed. And having a virtual conference was definitely better than no conference at all. The keynotes are always great, and being a rock ‘n roll girl, I loved hearing from P!nk’s drummer Mark Schulman.

What did you think of the virtual experience? I think the virtual experience allows so many more people the ability to attend without the additional time out of the office and expenses for travel.

The chat functionality also helped it seem a bit more personal. Being able to comment helped me pay attention and feel like I was doing more than watching a webinar.

It was also nice to be able to work in between sessions. And being on the East Coast, I could get a couple of things done before sessions started. It seems like I always have to work during a conference because of a deadline or last-minute task. I didn’t have to miss anything because it was virtual. I could easily work in between sessions since I was already at my desk.

Did you have a favorite part of the conference? I loved that we opened up the CPSM Forum to all CPSMs and not just those attending conference. This was the largest CPSM Forum (and even from the previous CPSM Day) in SMPS history. It was amazing to see so many people attend and be engaged in the breakout sessions. We focused on bringing in fresh faces and perspectives and tying it together with seasoned professionals. We had nothing but positive feedback and I loved every minute of it.

What do you think you walked away with and could bring back to your firm to help with your job? I love learning what other companies—and my competitors—are doing by seeing submissions in the Marketing Communications Awards. I have a few initiatives that I’m working on that it was nice to get ideas and see things firsthand. Learning from others’ successes and failures makes us all better and elevates not only our industry but our profession.


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