Build Business Experiences: Christine King

April 23, 2021

Christine King, FSMPS, CPSM, founder and president at JOY Marketing Consultants, LLC, recently chatted with the Society about her role at JOY and her experience attending Build Business in 2020.

What’s a usual day like for you at your job? My usual day has changed quite a bit since the beginning of the pandemic when I, like many others, was released from my full-time employment. After a few months of introspection and many conversations with friends and colleagues, I started my own consulting business. The upside is, after starting my company, JOY, I find every day is now unique, and I work the hours I want as I start the next chapter of my career and life.

What’s your favorite part of the job? Although I have experience in leading almost all aspects of marketing initiatives for A/E/C firms, I love working on proposals—especially the technical content, messaging, and technical details involved. Ideally, the focus of my consulting business is working with small businesses and helping with marketing strategy and deliverables while utilizing my extensive network in this region.

What made you decide to attend Build Business 2020? Since attending my first Build Business conference in Hilton Head, SC, a very long time ago, I’ve attended the conference most years. However, because I hadn’t been able to attend in 2018–2019, I felt a virtual conference was the most cost-effective solution for my new business. The biggest reason was that I had especially missed the education, networking, and seeing my long-time SMPS friends those years not attending.

What did you think of the conference? While I really missed seeing my SMPS cohorts in person, I appreciated being able to attend at a reasonable cost while receiving great programming and educational content, which I was able to expand to other sessions afterwards.

What did you think of the virtual experience? I found the keynotes, as always, especially terrific. I also really enjoyed, for most of the sessions, the opportunity for the speaker(s) to answer questions from the audience, which enabled me to capture even more key content through the Q&A chat.

Did you have a favorite part of the conference? I loved the diversity of the sessions and the opportunity, even more than in person, to customize the session attendance specifically to my needs without missing a lot of content. As always, the Fellows Symposium was wonderful.

What do you think you walked away with and could bring back to your firm to help with your job? I find that the cumulative effect of Build Business over the years has had the most impact on my education, network, and career.


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