Welcome to Build Business

A lot has changed in the last two years at SMPS. We have a new brand. A new focus. And new people. A lot has changed at my firm, too. Our clients’ priorities continue to shift in response to market demands. Industry consolidation alters the competitive landscape almost every month. And the war for talent is fiercer than I’ve ever seen. You’re probably seeing many of the same things.

Think about this for a moment. What’s on the horizon in the next two years, or five years, for your firm? What will your market, client mix, and financials look like in 2020 and beyond? More importantly, what are you doing to prepare for the inevitable changes? Build Business is the premier forum for A/E/C marketing and business development professionals to explore strategy, leadership, and many more topics—ones that can help you prepare for these changes and shape the future.

I work in a large company. And while that may bring the comfort of more resources and a diversified business portfolio, it has a few drawbacks. Among them are structure and standards. I often run into “that’s the way we do things” responses while tackling my business development job. SMPS is one of my best creative outlets to combat complacency. Events like Build Business provide an opportunity to absorb new approaches, foster important business relationships, and learn from some of the best minds in our industry.

When you attend Build Business 2020, you’ll get practical advice that will benefit your firm, and help your professional development. Keynote speakers and breakout sessions will provide a foundation for you to meet new challenges your firm will face. Of course, we’ll continue the traditions of the Marketing Communications Awards (MCAs), The Evening of Excellence celebration, and induction of new SMPS Fellows. Plus, the Exhibit Hall will create learning spaces where you can connect with friends and colleagues.

Speaking of connecting, I have a two-year old black lab at home. She’s the perennial greeter and eternal optimist. To her, every other dog is great. People are great. Life is great. Wouldn’t you like to have that same positive outlook for your firm? Join us in Austin for Build Business 2020 to be informed, challenged, and even entertained. You’ll go home with insights and ideas to help you chart a successful and positive future. I hope to see you there!

Wally Hise

Conference Chair

Sr. Vice President, HDR

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