Foundation Supporters

SMPS and the SMPS Foundation sincerely appreciate the following members and firms who generously supported the research and educational programs of the SMPS Foundation this fiscal year.

Donations were made between September 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018.


Andrew Zinsmeyer


SMPS Southern Regional Conference
SMPS Southeast Regional Conference
SMPS Boston
SMPS Connecticut
SMPS Ft. Worth
SMPS Greater Cincinnati
SMPS Maryland
SMPS Seattle
SMPS Virginia


Bernice Bako, FSMPS, CPSM
Karleen Belmont, FSMPS
Dana Birkes, APR, FSMPS, CPSM
Holly Bolton, FSMPS, CPSM
Scott Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM
Pam Carman, FSMPS
Theresa Casey, FSMPS, CPSM
Donna Corlew, FSMPS, CPSM
Susan Daylor, FSMPS
Carolyn Ferguson, FSMPS, CPSM
Michelle Fitzpatrick, FSMPS, CPSM
Dianne Frank, FSMPS
Rolf Fuessler, APR, FSMPS
Craig Galati, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM
Michael Garrison, PE, FSMPS, FNSPE
Jane Gertler, FSMPS
Beth Harris, FSMPS, CPSM
Kevin Hebblethwaite, FSMPS, CPSM
Kathryn Hews, FSMPS, CPSM
Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSM
Adam Kilbourne, FSMPS, CPSM
Maria Loitz, FSMPS, CPSM
Julie Luers, FSMPS
Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM
Michael McCann, FSMPS, CPSM
Kim Niedzielski, FSMPS CPSM
Steven Osborn, PE, SE, FSMPS, CPSM
Gwendolyn Powell Todd, Ed D, FSMPS
Chris Rickman, FSMPS, CPSM
Lisa Roberson, FSMPS, CPSM
Susan Shelby, FSMPS, CPSM
Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM
Bethany Smith, FSMPS, CPSM
Thomas Smith, AICP, FSMPS, CPSM
N. Anthony Steinhardt III, FSMPS, CPSM
Barbara Stiles, FSMPS, CPSM
Stacy Stout, FSMPS, CPSM
Mark Tawara, FSMPS, CPSM
Marion Thatch, FSMPS
Carla Thompson, FSMPS, CPSM
Brad Thurman, PE, FSMPS, CPSM
Thomas Townes, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM
Nancy Usrey, FSMPS, CPSM
Myrna Wagner, FSMPS, CPSM
Rhodes White, FSMPS, CPSM
Ronald Worth, CAE, FSMPS, CPSM
Sharon Yorio, FSMPS, CPSM


SMPS Arizona
SMPS Atlanta
SMPS Austin
SMPS Boston
SMPS Central Florida
SMPS Charlotte
SMPS Chicago
SMPS Columbus
SMPS Connecticut
SMPS Greater Cincinnati
SMPS Ft. Worth
SMPS Inland Empire
SMPS Maryland
SMPS Nashville
SMPS North Florida
SMPS Oklahoma
SMPS Ontario
SMPS Orange County
SMPS Research Triangle
SMPS Seattle
SMPS Virginia


ACEC Nashville
Graham Construction
Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning
Mott Associates Inc.
RTKL Associates Inc.
SSR Inc.
Triversity Construction


ACEC Nashville Chapter
Donna Corlew, FSMPS, CPSM
Julie Luers, FSMPS
Mott Associates, Inc
Steven Osborn, P.E., S.E., FSMPS, CPSM
Bethany Smith, FSMPS, CPSM
SMPS Nashville
SSR Inc.
Carla Thompson, FSMPS, CPSM
Dena Wyatt


James Abeshima—Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc.
Nicole Adams-Gut—Omni Building Corporation
Hilary Adorno—Golden Egg Concepts
Liliana Agredano—SmithGroupJJR
Beth Ahmedic—DPR Construction
Jeffrey Alban, P.E.—Alban
Sandy Alford—PEA Inc
Alyssa Allyn—SWP Contracting & Paving
Janna Anderson—Darland Construction
Lindsay Andrews, CPSM—Kokosing Industrial, Inc.
Nicole Apel—O’Day Consultants
Lance Armstrong—SSA Acoustics
Craig Atkinson—The Walsh Group
Stephanie Attaran—Brown and Caldwell
Mahabir Atwal, Ph. D—Veneklasen Associates, Inc.
Timothy Augustine—Atwell LLC
Randy Avila—Cadence McShane Construction Company
Traci Babetski—Walter P Moore
Kwame Bailey—DLR Group
Michele Baker—Anslow Bryant Construction
Jeff Baker—Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Kristen Bala—Bond Brothers, Inc.
Maha Balachandran—McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Matthew Banks—iSolved HCM
Andrea Barker—HB&A LLC
Tina Barni—RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning
Shawn Barron, CPSM—RETTEW Associates Inc
Bianca Bataclan—The PENTA Building Group
Susan Battin—Leo A Daly
Alexandra Battito—Robins & Morton
Gregory Beard—Westberg+White Architects
Megan Beare—Del Amo Construction
Rebekah Belanger—Bassetti Architect
Jessica Bell—Fennick McCredie Architecture
Onie Benavides—MBCO Engineering, LLC
Jana Bendinelli—Tetra Tech
Jennifer Bennett, Communications—Greenberg Farrow
Teena Bergstrand, MS—Saunders Construction, Inc.
Brianna Biehl—Skinner Vignola McLean Inc
Chris Bingaman—Bingaman Consulting dba SyncCore
Jodi Bishop—Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc.
Duncan Black, AIA
Maggie Bolden—Palace Construction
Rhonda Bolding—Strada
Amy Bolton—TLC Engineering
Emily Bonomo—Lee Company
Taylor Bott—Allen, Gibbs & Houlik
Lynnel Bott, Certified Marketing Consultant—PSF Mechanical, Inc.
Gina Bourque—Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.
Lauren Brannon
Gilbert Brindley, P.E., CPSM—Posillico Inc.
Kateryna Brito—Pirtle Construction
Janet Brooks, CPSM—Clark Nexsen
Charlene Bryant—Manganaro MidAtlantic
Luchandra Bryant, MBA—Auld & White Constructors LLC
Mai Thanh Bui—Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning
Maria-Beatriz Buot
Jessica Burch—EDR
Mario Burgos—Burgos Group LLC
Sandie Busby—PCD Engineering Inc
Alex Bush—Portland Internetworks
Freddie Bustillo—Welty Construction
Melissa Butler, CPSM—Robins & Morton
Nicole Buxton—Bond Brothers Inc
Sabrina Byers—LaSalle Group Inc.
Jane Caffey
Genevieve Cahill—BSC Group
Kimberly Caine—Ohio Desk
Stephanie Calvet—Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd.
Teri Cameron—Contract Land Staff LLC
Jennifer Campbell, CPSM
Lauran Canacaris—LDA Engineering
Mario Cannon—Lithko Restoration Technologies
Roberto Cantu
Jill Capanna—CO Architects
Robin Carathanasis—Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers
Alison Carney, CPSM
Catherine Carpenter—EJM Engineering, Inc.
Richard Carroll, AIA, LEED AP—JKRP Architects
Alexis Cecil—Whiting-Turner
Olivia Cejas—HGA Architects and Engineers
Linda Cerjan—Columbia Engineering and Services, Inc.
Kathleen Chambers, CPSM—S&ME Inc
Vivian Champion—Dibble Engineers
Tyler Chartier—Tyler Chartier Photography
Steve Chastain—CTL Engineering
Eric Childs—Joeris General Contractors, Ltd.
Lynsie Choi—PACE Engineers, Inc.
Jean Christen
Amy Christensen—Jacobsen Construction
Paolo Clemente—Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc
Ama Cobbina—KBRwyle
Shalyn Coburn—Phoenix Industrial
Melanie Cochrun, CPSM—GLY Construction
Kelly Cohane—GEI Consultants Inc
Daniel Colantone—GPD
Rick Coley—Equity Construction Solutions
Rachel Collier, CPSM—Century Engineering
Amy Collins, CPSM—Gannett Fleming
Amanda Conti—Columbia Construction Company
Lauren Cook—USI Consultants, Inc.
Juan Coronel—Materials Testing & Inspection (MTI)
Joseph Costa—JJ Costa Company, LLC
MacKenzie Cotters—Olson Kundig Architects
Megan Cox—LaBella Associates
Keelin Cox, ENV SP—Stantec
Andrew Cracchiolo—DeMaria
Susanna Craib-Cox—Arup
Kimberly Craigie—Rider Levett Bucknall
Mary Crespy—Trane Commercial Systems
Paige Criswell—Tetra Tech
James Cromwell, N/A—Dugan & Meyers LLC
Holly Crow—ARC Document Solutions
Coby Crowl, P.E.—Kaw Valley Engineering
Brent Crum, CPSM—MSKTD Architects Engineers & Interiors
Cynthia Cruse Rahrig—Geosyntec Consultants
Karyn Crutchfield—Wade Trim
Mary Cruz—Society for Marketing Professional Services
Christopher Cullinan, Professional Engineer—Carpenter & Cross
Roger Cummings, CPSM—Vector Consulting LLC
Lateffa Curry—The S/L/A/M Collaborative a.k.a SLAM
Patricia Curry—Vaughn & Melton
Molly Dall’Erta—Society for Marketing Professional Services
Laura Davis—Kokosing Industrial
Esther Davy—CONNECT People + Space
Angie DeBolt—Mark Young Construction, Inc.
Michele Decker, CPSM—4240 Architecture
Catherine DeDecker, PS—Spalding DeDecker
Cathleen DeFrances, CPSM—Fuss & O’Neill, Inc.
Matthew DeLange—Kythe Media, LLC
Patrick Delany—O&G Industries, Inc.
Jennifer Denault—D.E. Scorpio Corporation
Michaela Diercks—Eby Construction
Sophie Dixon, PR Hons
Denise Doczy – DeLong—Singleton Construction, LLC
Pete Doherty—The Walsh Group
Jeffrey Dorf
Mary Drown—NSA Architects, Engineers, Planners
Dennis Duffy—Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates, Inc.
Tobias Dunbar—Ferguson Construction
Laurel Ehsai—AECOM Hunt
Jennifer Eisenbarth, CPSM—Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Rachel Elliot—Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
Bob Elmore—Bob Elmore & Assoc. Inc.
Kelvin Enfinger—Greenhut Construction Company Inc.
Ryan Enlow—Arsee Engineers
Al Ensley—Veteran Strategies, inc.
Katelin Etoh, CPSM—Ziger/Snead Architects
Michael Evancho—Bi-Con Services
Kathleen Favale—Horizon Engineering Associates, LLP
Nick Fears—Wehr Constructors, Inc.
Marissa Fegeley—Ainsley & Co.
Nicole Fehring, CPSM—McCarthy Building Companies Inc
Matthew Ferguson—Arora Engineers Inc
Sarah Ferreira—GSC Architects
Lucy Finnegan—Horizon Engineering Associates LLP
Caroline Fitzgerald, PE, LEED AP—Bond Brothers, Inc.
Amalia Flatley—JH Findorff & Son, Inc.
Chance Forman—Ames Mirror and Glass
Joanna Frechette—United Civil, Inc
Dee Gafney—RJC Designs Inc. Technology Consultants
Katie Gall—Yaeger Architecture, Inc.
Jen Gangeri—LAN Associates
Michael Geary, CAE—Society for Marketing Professional Services
Lani Gedeon, LEED GA—Mannington Flooring
Stefanie Geiss—StormTrap
Darla George—Flintco LLC
Dianne Gholston—Ariel Business Group, Inc.
James Giberson—Wright-Ryan Construction, Inc.
Nicole Gibson—Associated General Contractors of Kansas
Nadine Gibson—Diversified Facility Solutions
Gillian Giles—Architecture49 Inc.
John Gillan, PE—Gillan & Hartmann Inc
Penny Glover—SK+I Architecture
Malini Glueck, P.E.—Phoenix Engineering, Inc.
Jessica Godesteanu—Hughes Group Architects
Morgan Goethel—Leo A Daly
Kendall Goldman—CDG Engineers & Associates, Inc.
Lauren Gomes—The PENTA Building Group
Rosalie Good—Synergy Electrical Sales
Andrea Goodwin, CPSM—Cardno
John Graham, LEED AP,—Lenex Steel
Kasie Grant—Baker Audio Visual
Melvin Gravely—TriVersity
Kesha Gray—Williams Construction
Ginger Greager, CPSM—Peter Basso Associates Inc
Robert Greene, LEED AP—Cianbro Corporation
Nicole Green-LeBlanc—Kaestle Boos Associates
John Greenwald—Alpha Testing
Mary Margaret Griffin—Griffco Design/Build, Inc
Melody Gruber Huisjen—The LaSalle Group, Inc.
Nancy Gruwell—HDR
Benito Guerrier, AIA—Kirksey Architecture
Lesley Guillot—Buddy Webb & Company
Danae Gullicksen—JP Cullen & Sons Inc
Kathleen Gunter—Smith Seckman Reid Inc
Deborah Hanamura—Paladino and Company
Linda Hansen—ENSIGN Engineering and Land Surveying Inc
Cantey Hare—Hogan Construction Group
Katie Harris, LEED AP—RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture
Dana Hatchett—TLC Engineering for Architecture
Lisa Hayes—Hoffman Leakey Architects
Samuel Hayes—Landmark Construction Company, Inc.
Christine Haynes—Martin/Martin, Inc.
Leslie Hebert—Coffman Engineers
Leslee Hefner—Alban Engineering
Ashley Heisler—HTS Texas
Trevor Hensley—Crafton Tull
Katherine Heringhaus—Collins Engineers, Inc.
Susan Hernandez—IMS
Emily Herndon—CT Wilson Construction Company, Inc.
Amanda Herzberg—Cushing Terrell Architects Engineers
Callé Hewett—Ambient Energy
Jodee Hinton, PE—Martin/Martin, Inc.
Christine Hollinden, CPSM—Hollinden | professional services marketing
Jeffrey Honeyman, CAPM, Google Analytics
Allison Horne, CPSM, LEED Green Associate—Meeks Marketing, Inc.
Kaylee Houf—Harper Houf Peterson Righellis Inc
Antonette Huell—1 Alliance Geomatics, LLC.
Anne Huff—Steward Machine
Rachael Hunt—Cache Valley Electric
Kyle Hunter, P.E.—Jacobs
Julie Huval, CPSM—Beck Technology
Rosemarie Ilardi—Thornton Tomasetti
Annick Imogen—Argus Pacific, Inc.
Danielle Intorf—Terracon
Ari Isaak, GISP—Evari GIS Consulting, Inc.
Maria James—DSGW Architects
Marisa Jarmon—American Constructors
Rebecca Jelfo
R. Jake Jeppesen—Walker Parking Consultants
Jane Jessen—Transpo Group
Dennis Johns—Carolina Surveying Services Inc
Sandra Johnson—TEG Architects
Charmaine Josiah—The SK&A Group
Will Jovel—Design Collective Inc
Gilbert Juarez—PIC Printing
Julia Kallerman—Edwards + Mulhausen Interior Design
Jessica Kandel—Becker Structural Engineers, Inc.
Deena Kanoff—IMEG CORP
Kevin Kaplan, P.E., S.E.—VLMK Engineering and Design
Karen Karatkiewicz—Progressive AE
Courtney Kearney, CPSM—CKearney Consulting
Eric Keens, CPSM—Stevens & Wilkinson
Kelly Kellogg—Fransen Pittman General Contractors
Melissa Kelly—Haskell
Darren Kerr
Karen Kershner Slack—Slack& Co Contracting
Thomas Ketron—Clark Pacific
Hooshang Khosrovani—Veneklasen Associates
Judy Kienle, MPH—Kienle Communications LLC
Terry Kilbourne—Tec Inc. Engineering & Design
Nicole Kimbrell—Sazan Group, Inc
Amber Kimbrell—Stevens & Wilkinson
Chris King—King Business Interiors
Carleen King, Assoc. DBIA, MBA Candidate—Posillico Civil, Inc.
Andi King-Wieczynski—DPR Construction
Tyler Kirby—Baker Barrios Architects
Lisa Kissler—CenterPoint Integrated Solutions
Carie Klemens—Project and Construction Services, Inc
Kathy Knapp—Mead & Hunt
Deborah Knox—Consultant
Vicki Knutsen, Current Grad School Student—GRAHAM Construction
Rachel Koehring—Braun Intertec
Cathy Kohatsu—Swinerton Builders
Julie Kost—American Structurepoint, Inc.
Ashley Kover, MBA—KMB architects
Kim Kowalski—Brick Architecture and Interiors
Lori Kropidlowski, CPSM, CPS/CAP—Ahtna Environmental, Inc.
Elizabeth Kupcha—Kupcha Marketing Services
Amaya Labrador, AIA, EDAC—Browne McGregor Architects, Inc.
Liana Lake—Arkinetics
Christopher Lamberth, Associate AIA—HOK
Mikiko Land, MBA—Charles P. Johnson & Associates, Inc.
Sharon Landau, CPSM—Landau Building Company
Daniel Landbo—Berghammer Construction
Ashley Lange—GBA Builders, LLC
Taylor Larsen—Coleman Partners Architects, LLC
Deborah Laviero—OFI
Julie Lawson—The Miller Hull Partnership
Emily Leader—Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Christina Leahy—Cosential
David Lecours—Lecours Design Inc
Dianne Lee—AECOM
Erika Lee, MBA—Varo Engineers, Inc.
Kalyn Lengieza—Grindstone Consultants
Kristen Leone—Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership
Alex Lerian—Haworth Inc.
Christopher Ley—Charles P Johnson & Associates Inc
Tracy Link—VJ Associates
Kristin Liu—Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.
Jim Lockhart—Clark Pacific
Marcie Lohr, CPSM—Coughlin Porter Lundeen
Jill Lonergan—Level 10 Construction
Kathleen Louder—Collins Engineers, Inc.
Emily Loveland—Hedrick Brothers Construction
Karen Lucas—The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Franchesca Lucero—SWCA
Joseph Luzar—Mosser Construction Inc
Carrie Mabee—Gould Evans
Allie Mackiewicz—Milone & MacBroom Inc
Michael Maguire, LS—A/I/DATA
Heidi Maki—Swenson Say Faget
Michael Malkowski, ATEM—CMTA Consulting Engineers
Cheryl Manning—Between Successes
William Manning, FAIA—Manning Architects
Geoffrey Marlow, LC—Smart Lighting Solutions
Daphne Maroney—Kenneth B. Robinson & Associates Consulting Structural Engineers
Roxanne Marquez—Vanir Construction Management Inc
Krysten Marshall, LEED Green Assoc.—Tetra Tech, Inc.
Deana Martin—Bond Brothers Inc
Joshua Martin—P. Agnes
Jill Martinez—EDSA Inc
Michelle Mastrobattista—Solomon McCown & Co
Joshua Mauney—Paragon Safety Group, Inc.
Jennifer Maxwell—Lott Brothers Construction Co
Erin Mayer—Absher Construction Company
Deborah McCarthy—McCarthy & Smith Inc
William McCarthy, III—McLaren Engineering Group
DJ McClenny—Crossland Construction Co., Inc.
Jillian McClure—Wehr Constructors, Inc.
Catherine McCullough, CPSM—McCullough Landscape Architecture Inc
Laura McDonald, CPSM—Terracon Consultants
Jamie McDonald, LEED AP—MJ Settelen Construction LLC
Hannah McFadden—CWS Architects
Robert McGee, III—Pennoni Associates Inc.
Clinton McKay—Ross & Baruzzini
Aimee McKinlay—Think Architecture
Catherine McMenamin—C.E. Floyd Company Inc
Joan McQuaid—HP Engineering, Inc.
Indiana Melendez—Jacobs
Analinda Meneses—Veneklasen Associates
Sarah Mergy—Bull Stockwell Allen
Mary Michaelsen—The McShane Companies
Felicia Milam—LaSalle Group, Inc.
Kate Miller—DLR Group
Taunya Moen—Gafcon Inc
Renee Moldovansky, LEED AP—Snavely Group
Maggie Moller—The Weitz Company
Jessica Montagna—Fu
Kelsey Morander
Olivia Morris—BVH Integrated Services, P.C.
Cameron Moss—Barnhill Contracting Company
Farrah Mote—Robins & Morton
Meg Mueller—Solomon Cordwell Buenz
Marisa Mulé Van Horn, AICP—Vaughn & Melton
Kathryn Mullaney, CPSM—HGA Architects and Engineers
Kim Murphy—SD Crane Builders Inc.
Darren Murray—DeMaria
Patricia Murray
Tina Myers, CAE—Society for Marketing Professional Services
Grace Myers, MA—Miller Imaging & Digital Solutions
Tammi Nagucki—Environmental Design Group
Katherine Nanowski, CPSM—Fuss & O’Neill
Christopher Nappi—CBT Architects
Ryanne Nelson—Client Savvy
Joey Nelson—ConceptWorks
Marielle Neri—5 Spice Design, Inc.
Kathryn Ness, CPSM—GO Strategies
Kat Neunaber—Al. Neyer
Liz Newman—McCauley Constructors
Claire Newman—McCownGordon Construction
Jennifer Newman, CPSM—Ignite Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Jessica Ng—Acoustic Distinctions Inc
Jessica Nichols, CPSM—Pinkard Construction Co.
Courtney Nolan—Dewberry & Davis LLC
Matthew Norko—Byce & Associates Inc
Edgar Nunez—TSK
Grace O’Connor—Blair + Mui Dowd Architects
Crystal Oczkowski—Lea+Elliott, Inc.
Stacey Odinas—MMC Contractors
Kelly Offerman—HDR Inc
Amanda Or vis, Certification in UI Design—StudioSIX5
Denise Orlando—E W Howell Co LLC
Natalie Pagano, CPSM—Manhattan Construction Group
Steve Pangere—The Pangere Corporation
Shannon Parker—Pence Construction
Annie Parrish—Barton Malow Company
Karin Patriquin, AIA, LEED AP, Fitwel Ambassador—Patriquin Architects
Massy Paul, Eng—Monaloh Basin Engineers
Madison Paulson—HuntonBrady Architects
Jessica Pavlik—DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design
Antonio Payne—Society for Marketing Professional Services
Jennifer Peatross—Mark III Construction, Inc.
Sarah Pegram—HFR Design, Inc.
Rebecca Pelkey—Leidos
Lisa Pereira McClintock, CPSM—UNICO Engineering
Michael Peskind—Kluber Architects & Engineers
Adam Petruska—Charles C. Brandt Construction Company
Janine Pietz—GLY Construction
Kaylen Piland—Burgess & Niple, Inc.
Ashley Poage—Stantec
Gail Pollard—EPSTEIN
Jason Poole—Telecom Innovations, LLC
Amanda Pope—The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Annette Popiel-Hammerle—American Interiors
Dan Price—Atmos Energy Corp
Anna Price—Kimley-Horn
Gretchen Price—Nibbi Brothers General Contractors
Gregory Quatchak—Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc
Philip Quindara—CS Arch
Tiffany Rafii—UpSpring PR
Juan Ramos, LEED AP BD+C—DCM Architecture & Engineering, LLC
Jessica Rantamaki—Geo Hydro Engineers
Robert Rayl, PE—RS Engineering, LLC
Jamie Raymond, LEED AP, RID, EDAC—Four Point Design Partners
Leeds Reese—CannonDesign
Alexia Reilly—Idibri
Ashley Remmers—Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc
Angela Richey, NAELM—Stanley Consultants Inc
Nikki Ricketson—PEG Contracting
Kimberly Ridenour, CPSM, MBA—BRIDGES & Company
Kelly Riek—Retail Design Collaborative
Sherry Rini—OHL-Arellano Construction
Brenda Ritt—IIW, P.C.
Aaron Roach—Intertek-PSI
Melanie Rodriguez—DeLotto
Daniella Romero—ERW Site Solution
Geryl Rose, APR, CPSM—Fuss & O’Neill Inc
Jacqueline Rowe—Murtha Cullina LLP
Colette Rozanski—R.C. Wegman Construction Company
Jackie Russell—Stevens & Wilkinson
Christina Ryan, CPSM—Ascent Environmental Inc
Rachel Rzymek—Stahl Sheaffer Engineering
Rachel Sackett—Southland Holdings
Stephanie Salsman—Bruner/Cott & Associates
Kaycee Sandoval—Collaborative Engineering Group
Megan Sandy—Holder Construction Co.
Lucy Saunders
Anne Saxinger—Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.
Lasheita Sayer—ZoZo Group
Jessica Schaefer—CBRE | Heery
Sarah Schindler—Morley Builders
Bert Schnoebelen, MSPM—IE2 Construction Inc
Maleah Schorpp—MULTATECH
Kaia Schroding—KSS Architects
Theresa Schroeder—Turner Construction Company
Lynne Sealy—Scairono Martinez Architects
Laura Sears—mcCallumSather
Heather Self—MBA Engineers
Laura Sellors, BAA, RGD—Entro Communications Inc and Cottschalk+Ash
Vanessa Serpas—Build Group
Racine Serrano—KPFF
Laura Sesack—McCrossin Foundations
Tracy Shawver—Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.
Julie Shepard, CPSM—Psomas
Kathy Simons—LKG-CMC Inc
Kourtnie Simpson—Teal Construction Co.
Anna Skeete—Protean Design Group, Inc.
Andrea Slattery—Nunn Construction
Kristin Sloane—Dunaway Associates
Suzanne Small, CPSM—Olsson Associates
Karen Smith—BSA LifeStructures
Darren Smith—CEC Corporation
Shannon Smith—IMS (Integrated Marketing Systems)
Ashley Smith—The Thrasher Group, Inc
Penny Smith—Vaughn & Melton
Abby Smith—Walbridge
Andrew Solano—Emtec Consultants
Katelyn Sonnee—ISG
Jose Soto—SGH Architects
Chris Sparks—Flint Builders
Taylor Spencer—Van De Wiele & Vogler, Inc.
Antigone Spiker, CPSM—Psomas
Rachel Stainton—Northland Controls
Lauren Stanton Guy—HH Architecture
Katie Stern—A. Martini & Co.
Jenell Strachan, PE—Gorrondona & Associates, Inc
Michelle Studer—NOAR Technologies
Daniel Stys, P.E.—PEA Inc
Javier Suarez—Geosyntec Consultants
Enrique Suarez—HED
Michael Sullivan, AIA, NCARB—Looney Ricks Kiss
Linda Svege, CPSM—Intergroup Architects
Joy Svoboda—Fabcon Precast
Alexandra Swab—Mead & Hunt Inc.
Sam Swinton—square one consultants
Michael Sydlik, P.E. PA, OH, MD, WV, & SC—Earth, Inc.
Grace Takehara—KMB architects
Kelley Tanaka Kalani—G70
Abigail Tanner—HKS
Marissa Tasho—RTKL Associates Inc
Katharine Tassmer—Columbia Construction Company
Megan Tatsch—D.E. Harvey Builders
Mariah Taylor—Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Rebecca Taylor—Wilson Turner Kosmo
Edward Thomphsen—Walsh Construction
Seth Thompson, CPSM—AG|CM, Inc.
Luke Thompson, LEED AP—Kirlin
Ashleigh Thomson—Arrowhead Contracting
Claudia Thorn—ECC
Jessica Tiller—Weiss PR
Scott Tompkins—PC Construction Company
Lauren Tosti—General Building Contractors Association
Karen Tournaire—Sillman Wright Architects
James Trager, CF APMP—Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc
Laura Trahan—Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
Brian Truskett—Martin K. Eby Construction Co. Inc.
Daria Tsvetkova—Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Misty Turley, CPSM—Oil Capital Electric | OCE Mechanical
Audra Tyree—Rodgers
Thomas Urbanski—The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Jesse Urquidi—P2S Engineering Inc
Cecilia Vaca Narvaja—SpawGlass
Allison Van Dyke—Goodmans Interior Structures
Scott Vanderbrook—Tech Serv
Jenna Vardell, CPSM—Perkins + Will
Ariel Varland—POWER Engineers
Beth Villafranca—Johnson Levinson Ragan Davila Inc
Christina Villeneuve—Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
Tara Vizcarrondo—WELBRO Building Corporation
Kathleen Volk—GGA Construction
Francesca Wagner—H.R. Gray
Chris Walker
Marc Walker—Waddell &Reed
Katherine Wallace—McCownGordon
Lexi Walz—Generator Studio
Kristen Wanamaker—Colliers International
Katie Wasson—ICF
Patricia Weaver, CPSM—TreanorHL
John Webster—American Interiors
Steven Weick—Knutson Construction
Carole Wenell—Lionakis
Kami Wernimont—Farnham Equipment Company
Lorie Westrick, AIA—Rey De La Reza Architects
Amy Wetherbee-Rodgers—U.S. Engineering Company
Dustin White—C1S Group Inc.
Emily White—Turner Construction Company
Corryn Williams—Method Architecture PLLC
Hannah Williams—Nabholz Construction Corp
April Willoughby—XL Construction
Travis Wilson, CPSM—Layton Construction Company
Lauren Wlodarczyk—Whiting-Turner
Andre Wong—Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company I
Carie Woods—Mazzetti
Melissa Wright—Johnston, LLC
Eric Wright, PE, LEED AP—PTA Engineering
Meredith Wuellner, MBA—Civiltech Engineering, Inc
Lisa Wuller—Turner Construction Company
Dena Wyatt—Marketing Evolutions
Vanessa Xie—Synergy Electrical Sales
Akosua Yisrael—Gorove/Slade Associates
Lindsay Young—DMS Construction Consulting Services, Inc.
Patti Zachary—Heath & Lineback Engineers, Inc
Vanessa Zawodny, CPSM—Design Collective
Kelly Zemcik—Miles-McClellan Construction
Liz Zimmer—THP Limited Inc
Kevin Zorger—Project Solutions Group