Staff Directory




Tina Myers, CAE

Interim CEO

1.703.549.6117, x224


Communications and Marketing


Education and Certification


Membership and Chapter Services

Jaime Flores

Jaime Flores

Vice President of Marketing and Communications
1.703.549.6117, x228



Mary Cruz_Resized

Mary Cruz

Vice President of Membership and Chapter Services 
1.703.549.6117, x225 

 Michele Santiago

Michele Santiago

Director of Marketing

1.703.549.6117, x245


Daniel Reilly

Director of Education
and Meetings
1.703.549.6117, x223

Natalie Gozzard Chapter Services

Natalie Gozzard

Chapter Services Coordinator

1.703.549.6117, x226

Molly Dall'Erta

Molly Dall'Erta

Web Project Manager

1.703.549.6117, x231

Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

Certification and I.T. Manager
1.703.549.6117, x232

Franco Holmes

Membership Coordinator

1.703.549.6117, x246

Linda Smolkin

Linda Smolkin

Content Specialist

1.703.549.6117, x227

Natasha Moussavi

Education Coordinator

1.703.549.6117, x243






Staff Antonio Payne


Antonio Payne, CPA


1.703.549.6117, x222
  Denise Schjenken

Denise Schjenken

Assistant Controller

1.703.549.6117, x229